Lemongrass Essential Oil - 15 ml

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Product Description

WOW Skin Science Lemongrass Essential Oil has a lemony, sweet fragrance with earthy notes that works on the senses, reviving and refreshing them. Lemongrass essential oil has a curative effect on the body and helps relieve muscle ache and body pain.

How To Use

SKIN & HAIR : Add 3 drops per 10 mL moisturizer to improve oily or acne prone skin. Add 2-3 drops per 10 mL of jojoba oil. Apply regularly for smoother skin, fading scars and minimizing wrinkles. Add 3 drops per 10 mL shampoo for healthier scalp and shiny hair. Add 4-5 drops to hair oil to help soothe dry, itchy scalp. It helps manage dandruff. FOR BODY : Add a few drops to bath water and soak in, to overcome depression and feelings of dullness. Helps to revive your senses. Blend 3 drops per 10 mL carrier oil. Massage on achy joints & muscles for pain relief. This also eases sore muscles post workout. This blend can be used to massage cellulite prone areas in your body to minimize cellulite appearance. FOR HOME : Add a few drops to water in a diffuser and let the fragrance create a rejuvenating ambience in your home. Put 2-3 drops on some cotton balls & place them in cupboards or wardrobes to give your clothes a mild scent, and to keep moths and insects away. Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle. Spritz daily on counters, walls and cabinets to repel insects.

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