WOW Skin Science Launches Paper Tube With Vitamin C Face Wash

WOW Skin Science Launches Paper Tube With Vitamin C Face Wash

Climate change and environmental degradation are not just concepts anymore. They’re a reality we’re living in. In times like these, plastic positivity can’t just be a topic of conversation. It has to be an active action point for us all. As a business inspired by nature, we consider it our responsibility to do our bit for a greener future and to 𝐁𝐞 𝐖𝐎𝐖, 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲!

In an effort to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainable living, we at WOW Skin Science have launched a one-of-its-kind paper tube packaging for your favourite Vitamin C Face Wash. This is WOW’s #EkChotiSiShuruwaat for a greener tomorrow. 

With a 45% reduction of plastic usage at source, we aim to move towards a plastic positive lifestyle. This effort also marks the beginning of the #WOWGreenHands initiative. This face wash in paper tube packaging contains the much-loved skin-brightening and anti-aging properties of Vitamin C and is also healthier for the environment.

Let us understand in detail the salient features of this eco-friendly product that also works wonders for your skin –

Inclusion of paper, reduction in plastic

WOW Skin Science, through its products, has always been known to bring the best natural ingredients for its customers which are also completely free of harsh chemicals. Keeping the same spirit alive, this paper tube packaging aims to reduce plastic usage at source by 45%, using recycled paper to replace the same. The tube is made using FSC ((Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper with high burst strength.

Eco friendly

Plastic packaging has always been hazardous to the environment. This eco-friendly paper tube packaging minimizes harmful and toxic plastic waste generation. In turn, it also helps you become responsible towards the environment as a consumer by opting for this exclusive packaging for your daily skincare regime.

Inside out goodness

The natural and harsh chemical-free face wash enriched with Mulberry and Liquorice Extracts, Vitamin C, Lemon, Orange, and Essential Oils, comes in an eco-friendly packaging that is of the highest quality. The product is as close to the environment and natural inside-out and marks a major step in the journey of environment-friendly initiatives for the skincare industry.

Safe and durable

The low COBB value of paper makes the packaging more stable and prevents contamination, damage or moisture retention, making it suitable for travel as well. The product is safe, durable, and resistant to external weather elements.

This is a revolutionary step in sustainable packaging in line with WOW’s vision of keeping environment conservation and sustainability as a priority. One step at a time, one product at a time. Here at WOW Skin Science, we genuinely believe that #EkChotiSiShuruwaat is better than a million plans. Join us in welcoming this step towards a sustainable future and get your Vitamin C Face Wash in Paper Tube packaging today!



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