Valentine's Gifts Under ₹2000

Valentine's Gifts Under ₹2000

We are almost stepping into February, and you might wonder why we are telling you this? Well, it's about time you start finding the perfect Valentine’s gift for your spouse, partner, or pals. 

If your significant other loves to take care of their skin, hair, and health, we have the perfect gifting idea. You can choose to include one or all of the following products from our specially curated list of Valentine's Gifts for Beauty Obsessives 2022. These products are a staple in the skincare routine and can totally help you woo them. 

Vitamin C Range

Vitamin C is commonly found in a range of skincare products like face washes, serums, cleansers, oils, and moisturizers. It is known to boost collagen production, repair skin damage, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With its anti-aging and anti pigmentary properties, it is beneficial for all skin types. It is also the best way to get your glow on for Valentine’s date. 

Some products from WOW Skin Science’s Vitamin C Range:

Ubtan Range

Ubtan's unique blend of ingredients moisturizes and softens while efficiently cleansing and exfoliating the skin. It deeply cleanses the skin and brightens the skin’s complexion. Turmeric, a key ingredient with antioxidants, helps revive the lustre of your skin. The other ingredients in Ubtan effectively repair the damage and tan caused by overexposure to the sun. 

Some products from WOW Skin Science’s Ubtan Range:

Apple Cider Vinegar Range

Apple Cider Vinegar is harmless for your skin and can enhance its texture and look if applied carefully. It is anti-inflammatory, can exfoliate the skin, absorb excess oils, and unclog clogged pores. It can bring your skin's pH levels back to normal. A toner cleans and tightens the skin to safeguard it from germs and other pollutants. When applied to the skin, it is an astringent that can be used as a toner.

Some products from WOW Skin Science’s Apple Cider Vinegar Range:

Onion Kit 

Onions are high in sulphur, which is helpful for oily and acne-prone skin since it helps to minimize acne. They are also high in vitamins A, C, and E, beneficial to the skin. Vitamin A boosts cell turnover, reduces hyperpigmentation, and evens skin tone. Vitamin C helps to repair and moisturize a dull complexion. It also has an anti-aging impact and the ability to drastically diminish scarring. 

Still unsure about Valentine's Gifts for Beauty Obsessives 2022? WOW Skin Science has a range of other products containing Green Tea, Activated Charcoal, Moroccan Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, and other beauty essentials. All of our products are natural without any harmful chemicals. And the best part about our range? There is something for all! This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of natural goodness to show that you care & Be WOW, Naturally

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