“It’s just not fair,” Divya thought, staring at the glossy cover of a Sports Illustrated magazine. Her gaze was fixed upon a bikini-clad Brazilian bombshell who graced the cover.

Divya knew she was a far cry from being one of those runway-ready models, but that wasn’t why she was frustrated. It was the sight of a woman flaunting her smooth, hairless legs in an itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini - the ultimate symbol of beauty and perfection.

You see, for many women like Divya, walking around in a bikini wasn’t a simple thing. It would require a lot of planning and hard - often painful - work. Oh no. Divya couldn’t just wake up one morning and decide that she wanted to throw on a bikini.

If she did, it would mean Divya would have to go through the tedious regimen of grooming her body hair. And she had a pretty good amount of it. From her arms, legs, upper lip...she even had sideburns!

Divya made a mental note to sarcastically thank her parents later for blessing her with such an overabundance of hair.

Divya shook her head as she recalled the many agonizing times she had been to the waxing salon, especially during the summer. And she’s not alone. For the majority of women, removing their body hair is about as commonplace as going out for a walk.

In fact, today 87% of women remove their pubic hair. 87%! Isn’t that crazy?

So we’ve all been there. The process is constant, tiresome, and not to mention expensive. But has it always been this way?

Hair Exists for a Purpose. Just Ask Evolution!

Well, not quite. Ancient humans derived a lot of use for body hair. Not only was it helpful for regulating the body’s temperature, but it also protected the skin from wounds, bites, and UV radiation.

So you can imagine why removing this very useful body hair never really occurred to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It was a matter of survival.

But as time progressed and civilizations rose up to form complex societies that offered the comforts of shelter, community, and an economy that could help individuals survive, suddenly body hair wasn’t all that important.

The Origins of Female Hair Removal

Did you know that the hair removal method called “sugaring” was originally created by the ancient Egyptians? Hmm...Maybe they came up with the original bikinis, too?

Historical records reveal that women have been grooming their body hair for centuries...In fact it can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who apparently used copper razors to shape hair in their nether regions.

Remember all those iconic Greek statues you learned about in history class? Do you remember them having any body hair, especially in the genital area? Nope. That’s because the Greeks thought pubic hair was uncivilized, so they burned it all off (yep, you read that right - burned)!

Fast forward to 1915, when Gillette released the first female shaving razor. This happened after the company discovered women were using their husbands’ razors to shave their underarms and legs!

Then in 1946, the bikini was introduced. You can imagine what happens next. Women were scrambling to groom their pubic hair because the swimsuits kept getting shorter and shorter!

Enter the 1980s, when Brazilian waxing made a huge splash in the US market. Popularized by two Brazilian sisters, the popular method of hair removal took the country by storm. Sure, it was more painful than shaving, but that didn’t deter thousands of women from doing it. we are. And Divya is the by-product of decades - more like centuries - of women grooming their body hair for a multitude of reasons.

So, What are Those Reasons?

Aesthetics, you would think, right? After all, isn’t it just to appear more attractive? Well, yes. But for many women out there, it’s more than that. For many women, they feel the most confident when they’ve taken care of their unwanted body hair.

Like Divya, who had been the butt of teasing when she was younger because she had not only gotten her underarm hair earlier than all the other girls in her grade, but because she was starting to show early signs of a faint mustache.

Staring at this hairless Brazilian swimsuit model, she had flashbacks to the time she stormed off from the community pool after a few kids made fun of her “overgrown bush”. She remembered begging her mother to buy her a razor after that.

Divya’s unwanted body hair made her feel insecure, unattractive, and embarrassed. So she adopted a strict regimen of constant hair grooming. This meant shaving religiously, going to the waxing salon every summer...she even considered laser removal!

Unwanted Hair Begone...But at What Cost?

Soon, the costs started to add up. After all, trips to the waxing salon don’t come cheap. She even got an infection once after a session, an unfortunate downside of waxing. Since waxing is effectively ripping hair off of your body, you can imagine how that could irritate the skin.

Yet this is all too common. The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that 60% of women experienced at least one complication as a result of removing pubic hair. Of the 85% of American women who remove their body hair, more than half get complications! Whoa!

Let’s take a closer look at what women have been doing to get rid of their unwanted body hair, shall we?

Popular Options for Removing Unwanted Hair



Divya found that shaving was by far the most convenient method of removing unwanted hair. All you need is a razor and some shaving cream, and you’re good to go. She could do it herself in the shower, AND it was relatively painless.

But like many women out there, Divya wrangled with more than her fair share of painful bumps from ingrown hairs as a result of shaving. Shaving irritated her skin and it became hard to maintain because her hair would grow back so fast, she kept having to shave again!

waxing legs

So Divya turned to waxing. All of her girl friends did it, and having a trained professional do it for you sounded way easier than the tedious act of shaving every time. There was no way Divya was going to rip hair off from her skin herself!

Her first waxing session was a nightmare. She almost cried from how painful it was.

“Don’t worry,” the aesthetician said soothingly. “The hair won’t grow back for a few weeks, so this is all totally worth it!”

Divya managed to smile through her tears. “Oh, and you won’t have to worry about those pesky ingrown hairs that you get from shaving, since we lift the hair from the root!” The aesthetician added cheerfully.

Um...not true, Divya came to find out. Not only DID she get ingrown hairs, but she actually got an infection because her skin became really irritated!


Divya looked into threading, a method of hair removal that promised a pain-free solution to unwanted hair.

“Sign me up!” Divya thought. But she came to find out that threading was really only for facial hair. And while it could easily address her overgrown eyebrows and upper lip hair, what about her armpit or pubic area - regions where hair is thicker?

Threading wasn’t a long-term solution. And Divya was getting tired of all the expenses, upkeep and pain of removing her unwanted hair


Because Divya was beginning to consider a long-term solution to her unwanted hair problems, naturally laser removal therapy was her next stop. But her face paled after she discovered how much one procedure would cost: practically an arm and a leg!

Plus, with laser removal therapy, you need to purchase several sessions before all of the hair is completely removed. Costly, and not to mention inconvenient! Divya didn’t have the time or the money to spend on that.

So you’re probably thinking, “But these are the most popular options! We have no choice!”

Well, Divya was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was not the case. She found a solution to her hair problems that wasn’t just perfect for her schedule and her budget, but most importantly, it was effective.

The Painless Alternative to Removing Unwanted Body Hair that Very Few Women Know About

You’ve probably heard of hair retardants, but what do they do exactly?

Instead of cutting off hair at the visible tip like shaving or ripping hair from the root as in waxing, hair retardants target the root of the hair follicle and inhibit regrowth. This means hair grows back slower and, usually, thinner.

With consistent usage of a hair retardant, sometimes it won’t even grow back at all!

Hair retardants are intended to be used alongside traditional methods of hair removal such as waxing or shaving, but the kicker is that using a hair retardant provides a better long-term solution because it addresses the root (excuse the pun!) of the problem: hair regrowth.

What does this mean for Divya and millions of women out there who are tired of their unwanted hair? It means less shaving, less waxing, and HUGE savings, of course! No more expensive trips to the salon, less overall upkeep...what’s NOT to like?

And let’s not forget that hair retardants are gentler on the skin because there’s none of the chafing that happens so often in shaving that results in redness, rashes, and ingrown hairs. And compared to waxing? It’s COMPLETELY painless.

One Word: WOW

That was what Divya said when she discovered Hair Vanish!

WOW Hair Vanish is a hair growth inhibitor that does exactly all the things mentioned above, but what really sets it apart from other products in the market is that it is 100% all natural. That means it’s gentler on the skin and has less potential to cause irritation!


Check out their ingredients list to see for yourself!

  • Papain - derived from the peel of the papaya fruit, this enzyme is a natural depilator, which means it contains properties that slow the growth of hair at the follicle level
  • Jojoba oil - moisturizes and leaves skin feeling smooth and silky
  • Sunflower oil - a hydrating agent that also has hair inhibiting properties
  • Licorice extract - supplements the other natural hair inhibitors, enhancing their effectiveness
  • Narcicicuss tazetta bulb extract - anti-aging properties that lighten skin (helpful for underarms) by targeting dark spots and unsightly blemishes

Here are what some of our happy customers have to say about WOW Hair Vanish:

“All the red bumps on my arms and legs are now truly vanished!” - Varuna K. - Pune

"Love it! My esthetician highly recommends this product"
- Seema P. - Mumbai

"This is a miracle product. Have been using for about 3 weeks and the results are amazing. Just love this product."
- Latika B. - Delhi

"Been using mine for almost 2 weeks. Wow Hair vanish works. Chin hairs are not growing back as fast as before. Mustache hasn't grown in. Side burn hairs reduced. So far I'm pleased!"
- Vineeta A. - Bangalore

Here’s the step-by-step process of how WOW Hair Vanish works:

1. You go about with your regular hair removal method. Let’s say shaving. After shaving, you apply WOW Hair Vanish to dissolve hair on the surface.

2. WOW Hair Vanish goes the extra mile and penetrates all the way to the root of the hair

3. Because it is made up of all-natural ingredients, it is easily absorbed by the skin, making its way quickly into the hair follicle to prevent regrowth

4. After continued use - usually 4-6 weeks for most women - you’ll notice less or even no hair regrowth!

WOW Indeed!

So for Divya, it was a no-brainer. With a hair inhibitor like WOW Hair Vanish, she wouldn’t have to worry about the painful, expensive upkeep of removing unwanted hair. It was the best long-term solution, AND at an affordable cost!

Divya was also really impressed at all the rave reviews she found about the product. So many women around the world LOVE Hair Vanish!

The WOW Difference

Divya was convinced that this was her long-term solution: the answer to her prayers and the wish she hoped to be granted. No more unwanted hair, and it didn’t have to cost her an arm and a leg.

And what about the confidence boost? Let’s just say Divya seems different lately. She’s a little more fearless, now that she doesn’t have to worry about sideburns and chin hair and all the embarrassing stories from her childhood that haunted her for so long.

Divya is proud and confident knowing she is at her best, most beautiful self, thanks to WOW Hair Vanish.

One day, Divya walks by the magazine stand on the street and sees the same model on another magazine cover. Beautiful, radiant, flawless - AND hairless. Divya smiles as she turns to walk away. “I bet that model uses WOW Hair Vanish.”

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