Sunscreen, only for Summers? Breaking the Myth.

Sunscreen, only for Summers? Breaking the Myth.

A skincare product, an absolute essential that works immediately upon application, helps to keep your face looking healthy, wrinkle-free, and youthful, and yet for some reason or the other you refuse to wear it!

You probably got it right, we’re talking Sunscreen today.

The Sun Doesn’t Vacay

While most of us may have been led to believe sunscreen is for summer time madness, what we forget is the sun’s still out and at play monsoon through winters. Let us explain to you in simple terms the skin action you’re causing, when the sunscreen is missing:

When you miss sunscreen, even on a quick grocery run for 10 minutes, there is cumulative sun damage occurring on your skin which shall take a visible toll eventually.

The sun’s rays contain UV photons, which are little packets of energy. Invisible to the naked eye, these can cause a lot of damage to the skin. When these UV-B photons are absorbed by the skin, they excite the skin molecules. The skin molecules release this energy and begin to warp via chemical reactions. This is what manifests in the form of age spots- skin tan or patches.
The UV-A photons can penetrate deeper into your skin and damage collagen proteins, which are basically the lego blocks for building smooth and firm skin.

Now that you know behind cloudy monsoon days or wintry mornings even the least exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin, here are some more reasons you would want to consider next time you overlook your sunscreen:

1. Reduce Aging Signs

If you wish to reduce the signs of ageing, befriend sunscreen! Going out without sunscreen anytime around the year can damage the collagen and connective tissues. Simply put- you lose elasticity, you gain wrinkles.

2. Fight appearance of Sunspots

Being exposed to the winter sun can cause as much damage and age spots or sun spots as the summer sun. Results in the increased look of ageing, sunspots are hyperpigmentation of the skin that are flat areas of discoloured skin that can be easily differentiated from the other areas of the body. Commonly appear at:

➡️ Face
➡️ Shoulders
➡️ Arms
➡️ Back
➡️ Back of the hands

    3. Protect the skin from sunburns

    Too much sun exposure can cause skin burns.  With repeated exposure to the sun without any protection, you can eventually see increased sunspots and skin damage. They take a few days to heal and may increase the risk of developing cancer. So cloudy days, cool days, or hot summer noon, always sunscreen.

    4. Reduce the risk of skin cancer

    One of the best ways to lower the risk of skin cancer is to wear sunscreen daily. The Centers For Disease Control recommends using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15, but the higher the number, the better the UV protection.

    How to choose your Sunscreen


    Broad-spectrum: Sunscreens should be labelled as broad-spectrum, which means they will cover shields against UVA and UVB rays.

    Our Suggestion: WOW Skin Science Sunscreen Matte Finish - SPF 55 PA+++ - Very High Broad Spectrum - UVA &UVB Protection - Quick Absorb - No Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Oxide, Color & Benzophenone - 100 ml

    Water-resistant: This means the product will protect the skin even when exposed to water for a specific amount of time.

    Our Suggestion: WOW Skin Science Anti Pollution SPF40 Water Resistant No Parabens & Mineral Oil Sunscreen Lotion - 100 ml

    Sun protection factor (SPF): This number provided on the bottle is information on the level of protection provided by the sunscreen. A minimum of SPF 30 is ideally recommended for everyday wear. When you are out in the sun, it’s important to reapply sunscreen to exposed areas every two hours.

    Our Suggestion: WOW Skin Science range of sunscreen, ranging from 35-55 SPF.

    How To Apply Sunscreen

    This may seem redundant but is extremely important to understand, the correct way to apply sunscreen for complete protection:

    ➡️ Use at least an ounce of the product - that is a shot glass or two tablespoons for full-body application, it’s a nickel-sized amount for the face alone if all other skin is protected under layers.
    ➡️ Reapply every two hours regardless of SPF rating. SPF ratings only apply to UVB rays. They do not apply to UVA rays—the ones that can cause premature ageing, pigmentation, as well as cancer.

      Now that you know how important that bottle of sunscreen you ignore so often is, apply it! And remember, the sun doesn’t take any days off, so you should apply sunscreen daily. Looking younger and staying healthy is a choice, now made easy with the range of sunscreens offered at WOW Skin Science.
      Matte finish, broad coverage, all SPF ranges to sunscreen for kids and sunscreen in cream and also spray form; we have got you covered!

      Stay safe!


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