The importance of using the right moisturizer, everyday

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Most people – men as well as women – think that only dry skin needs moisturizer. Actually, they have got it all wrong. The fact of the matter is that every type of skin – dry, oily, normal or combination – needs moisture. And that too all day and all night long.

Before we know more on the whys of moisturizing, first let’s know exactly what is a moisturizer?

A very basic moisturizer contains water (to hydrate skin), oils (to stop moisture evaporation from skin’s surface) and humectants (to draw water to the outer skin surface). Of course, a top-quality moisturizer will have all the basic ingredients of best quality only plus many more skin-loving ingredients like botanical extracts, vitamins and/or essential oils to tackle specific skin issues like sensitiveness, inflammation, pigmentation, acne, dryness or aging.

WOW Skin Revive Nectar Moisturizer is a premium moisturizer powered with Shea & Cocoa Butters; Argan, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed and Wheat Germ Oils; Vitamin E and Beetroot Extract for intensive skincare that not only hydrates and moisturizes skin, it also fights inflammation, nullifies pollution damage, and gives ant-aging, anti-wrinkle care.

Why applying a moisturizer is a must for every skin type?

• Do you know 60% of your body is actually water? A whopping 64% of your skin is water. As this water inside keeps evaporating throughout the day leaving it low on moisture, replenishment through hydration is necessary. Just as dehydration of the body can lead to death, dehydration of skin can lead to loss of glow, wrinkles, dullness and other complications. So whatever your skin type, you need to give it moisture from within (by drinking adequate water throughout the day) and you need to give moisture from outside (by applying moisturizer as needed).

• Oily skin too has water as part of its make-up. Just because it secretes extra oil (sebum: the skin’s own oil) on its own doesn’t mean that it can do without moisture. Actually what oily skin needs is a moisturizer that won’t block up its pores that can then cause acne. More on this in the next paragraph.

• If your skin gets exposed to harsh skin treatments, pollution, hormonal imbalances aging or sun radiation, you really, really need a moisturizer to revive it.

Note: Not applying a moisturizer can result in dry, scaly, itchy and tight-feeling skin that succumbs to aging faster.

Check that your moisturizer is without mineral oil!

You need to take an extra hard look at your moisturizer’s key ingredients. Any moisturizer with mineral oil (also called liquid paraffin, paraffinum, paraffin oil and petrolatum) will clog pores as mineral oil is a synthetic chemical derived from petroleum that blocks up pores and suffocates the skin. But since it is inexpensive, unscrupulous manufacturers can sneak it in to keep costs down and profits high.

WOW Skin Revive Nectar Moisturizer is 100% free of any synthetic oils. It contains only the very best of botanical butters and oils (Shea & Cocoa Butters; Argan, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed and Wheat Germ Oils) to ensure maximum hydration with minimum greasiness or skin pore blocking. It also contains beetroot extract to boost cell regeneration for less wrinkles and more supple skin.

What to remember in your moisturizer regimen?

• Begin right by showering/bathing with a bath or shower gel that’s totally free of either sulphates or parabens. Sulphates (used to produce lather) strip out skin’s natural oils and parabens (used to increase shelf life) causes hormonal imbalances, both have nasty effect on your skin.

We recommend WOW Skin Science Range of Body Washes that are not only free of sulphates and parabens, these also contain premium botanical oils and extracts for extra skin hydration. Choose from a simply marvellous range of fragrances, each one created to wow your senses.

• Cleanse and tone your skin before you moisturize. Cleansing lifts off dirt and sweat, toning closes open pores. When you apply moisturizer on top, it gets soaked in by your skin for maximum benefit. We recommend WOW Skin Science Micellar Facial Skin Cleanser and Makeup Remover and WOW Rose Lavender Skin Toner for flawless cleansing and toning of the skin.

• Apply before you apply makeup and/or wear sunscreen. Moisturizer softens your skin and preps it for applying other products.

• Last but not the least; choose a moisturizer that comes in a pump bottle. The reason is simple. Exposure to air or contaminated fingers lower your moisturizer’s good qualities. A pump bottle keeps your moisturizer unexposed to outer contaminants.



We recommend WOW Skin Revive Nectar Moisturizer that comes to you in a smart pump bottle that minimizes air exposure or touch by possibly dirty hands. Just pump on to clean palm and massage on your skin. And feel it look and feel soft, supple and so smooth.



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