Skin Care

Skin Care

The most enjoyable months of the year is between December to March—cool weather. Let’s welcome winter with open arms. It is easy only when we are prepared to overcome winter season effect. During cool weather, we all enjoy to sip hot coffee, go out for picnics, wear warm clothes, sweaters, etc. But, keeping all enjoyment aside, it’s important to give a special treatment to skin. Skin conditions get effected due to changing temperature. Our skin loses its moisture from skin & that results in dryness, fine lines, cold rashes, itchy skin, etc. 

Worry not. We have the perfect solution for you to have great skin through these months. Let’s give the ultimate love & care to the skin by keeping it healthy. Following 4 steps keeps your skin happy:

Skin Care

1. Care for Face

Cool breeze in the morning makes you feel superb cool & fresh. But, your skin becomes dry as it loses moisture. Cleanse your face twice a day with mild & creamy face wash as it leaves the skin void of all pollutants, impurities without stripping it of essential natural oils. We suggest WOW Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Wash, WOW Greek Yogurt Gel Face Wash that has ultimate moisturizing properties that help to keep skin moisturized, smooth & supple.

WOW Greek Yogurt Gel Face Wash

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Post wash use soft towel & do not rub the skin, instead tap to dry. Moisturize skin with the best quality, chemical-free, made out of natural actives like yogurts, Aloe Vera, etc. that helps to enhance hydration. Try WOW 10in1 Active Miracle Day Cream SPF-15 PA+++ as it helps to hydrate your skin, safeguard from sun & brighten skin.

    WOW 10in1 Active Miracle Day Cream

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    Proper care to your skin makes cooler days awesome & comfortable. Hence, care your skin by providing it a good nourishment & moisturization. Try WOW Aloe Vera Peel-Off Gel Mask. WOW Mineral Face Pack with Rainforest White Clay that helps to retain skin’s natural moisture mantle, soothe dry & tighten open pores. Can be used twice a week.

      WOW Mineral Face Pack with Rainforest White Clay

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      It’s very important to remove makeup, cleanse your face at night before taking a nap. Aloe Vera Gel is rich in healthy amino acids and minerals, gives anti-inflammatory soothing relief & also ultimate hydration for long-lasting skin plumping effect. Try WOW Aloe Vera Sleeping Pack that helps to hydrate skin & better-looking skin the next day. Post washing pack, apply lotion before bed as it helps to give deep nourishment & look radiant next morning. Try WOW Anti-Aging Night Cream that helps to minimize wrinkles, fine lines, age spots & supremely nourishes skin.

        WOW Anti-Aging Night Cream

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        2. Suncare during winters as well

        Why Should I apply sunscreen in winter? Most of the people get this question and it is very important to apply sunscreen in cooler days also. Sunscreen is not an option but a necessity during the cooler months. You are exposed to UVA rays every time you walk outside your front door, drive your car, and sit next to a window - especially on a cloudy day. UVA penetrates through clouds and also window glass. It may lead to skin cancer, brown spots, wrinkles and fine lines on your hands, face, and neck. Use sunscreen or cream with SPF on exposed parts. We suggest to try Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++, 10 in 1 Active Miracle Day Cream SPF 15 PA++, Sunscreen lotions SPF 35,45 & 55 that helps to protect your skin from UVA rays, brightens, smoothens, & rejuvenates skin.

        Sunscreen lotions


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        3. Body Care

        Regular Bathing Ritual

        During cool days, taking a bath is the hardest thing in the first half of day. Do not bathe in hot water instead start a warm water bath that helps to keep you relaxed the whole day. Using soap or chemical induced products will make skin dry. Hence, switch to chemical-free body wash which is made out of natural actives that help to retain moisture & soothe dry skin. We suggest WOW Moroccan Rose Otto Foaming Body wash, WOW Valencia Orange & Ginger Foaming body wash & WOW Melon Cucumber & Aloe Foaming Body Wash that helps to remove dirt, deeply nourishes & suitable for all skin types.

          Wow Body Wash

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          Post bath, it is necessary & must to moisturize your skin to keep skin healthy & dry-free. Dealing with dry skin is not a joke. One must wear jackets, sweaters & boots in cold weather to keep yourself warm and skin safe from dryness & dehydration. Coconut oil was used in olden days to keep skin hydrated but it leaves skin sticky & greasy. Grab WOW Aloe Vera Daily Body Lotion (Ultra-Light) that can be used daily post body wash which keeps skin soft, smooth & supple. It is non-greasy & non-sticky on skin.

            Aloe Body Lotion

            Buy WOW Aloe Vera Daily Body Lotion (Ultra-Light)

            Aloe is an amazing & magical plant that isn’t a stranger to Indian homes. This miracle-worker can be used on the face, body, and hair. Its gel-like formula is suitable to treat all beauty and skin related concerns including acne scars, dryness. Use products (face wash, body wash, body lotion, etc.) which are loaded with Aloe Vera that gives ultimate hydration & healthy glow. Thanks to its ultra-moisturizing properties. The Aloe Vera gel is readily available in the market. Try multi-purpose WOW 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel where you can get purest Aloe Vera gel. 


              Wow 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel


              4. Special body care

              During winter season, extra body care is required like massaging body with good quality oil with fingertips that helps to remove deep-seated dirt, improve blood circulation that helps to leave skin glow along moisturizes skin deeply.

              Not only by massaging with oil, a light exfoliation with WOW Amazon Rainforest Acai Body Scrub, WOW Ubtan Face & Body Scrub would help to remove dead skin cells, moisturize skin & even out complexion.


                Wow Skin Science Amazon Rainforest Collection - Rainforest Acai Scrub


                To calm down the redness, dryness from body, apply Ubtan Face & Body Pack which is enriched with traditional natural ingredients known for their toning & moisturizing properties. Enjoy glowing skin!

                  Ubtan Face & Body Pack



                  Do not forget to take care of chapped hands & feet. Make time to do manicure & pedicure at home using warm water, lemon juice & mild shampoo. Post scrub, apply moisturizer cream and give a lovely massage. We suggest WOW English Rose, WOW Avocado Hand cream that helps to keep skin smooth, supple & soft.

                    Hand Cream



                    Dry skin is a common skin condition in colder months. Natural Factors, such as humidity and temperature, have a profound effect on the amount of water retained within the skin. WOW Skin Science products are formulated to protect your skin against free radical damage, reducing dryness, cleansing, toning, and hydrating your skin. It is also important to drink a lot of water that helps to boost glow to your skin.


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