Nature-Inspired Beauty Answers the ‘Vocal For Local’ Call

Nature-Inspired Beauty Answers the ‘Vocal For Local’ Call

Made In India

Self-sustenance is the need of the hour for the country. There is a call to promote Indian brands and India-made products to boost the sagging economy. This is good news for the indigenous beauty brands in the country. Over the years, the Indian market has seen an emergence of the home-grown beauty brands with many focusing on delivering nature-based, nature-inspired products infused with a high percentage of natural active ingredients. WOW Skin Science is one such brand. We are a local brand that not only serves the Indian consumers but also customers globally.

Connecting our consumers to nature

chemical free

When WOW Skin Science came into being about six years ago, the aim was to give our consumers luxury beauty products at affordable pricing made with over 80 percent of natural actives based on traditional beauty recipes, backed by research and without any harmful chemicals. In order to deliver on our promise of nature-inspired beauty, it is particularly important for us to maintain the authenticity of our products and that’s why all our product formulas are completely free of any harmful chemicals. We have a strict policy against the use of parabens, sulphates, additives, silicones, and mineral oils. 

The reason our products are free of harmful chemicals and toxins is that we want you to experience the bliss of using authentic natural products. We scour the world in search of the highest quality precious plant extracts and potent formulations to curate the perfect products. This process also helps us to eliminate the need for synthetic materials altogether and allows us to deliver effective, high-quality products for both your beauty and wellness needs. If you are concerned about the shelf life of our products, since we are chemical preservative-free, worry not. We use natural preservatives in our products that promise you one year of shelf-life and retains the efficacy of the formulations. 

Essence of the serene Himalayas


The soul of our brand is deeply rooted in the Himalayas and each of their product carries that essence that only Himalayas seem to evoke. We use the pure Himalayan stream water in all our products which makes them stand apart. Most of our key actives, like the apples that go into making our iconic Apple Cider Vinegar range of products, come directly from the hills. It is like having the goodness of the Himalayas packed especially for you. Not just sourcing of the actives, even our manufacturing takes place in the unspoiled regions of the hills. This seems to infuse our formulations with the soothing calm of the mountains, the crystal waters, and the pristine surroundings. 

Keeping close to nature


To be a truly nature-inspired, nature-based brand, it is not enough to use natural actives; it is important to show respect to mother nature and the environment as well. That is why at every step we make sure to show gratitude towards our natural resources, and want to do our best to not cause harm in any way. This is one of the main reasons why our packaging is eco-friendly. Our bottles are made with 30% post-consumer recycled plastic. This makes our packages easier to recycle and helps to create a reduced impact on the garbage disposal systems, and eventually the environment. We are not biased towards plants only, and love animals equally. That is why we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to animal testing and cruelty. We ensure that our products are cruelty-free and do not contain animal-derived ingredients. We are committed to delivering vegan products on your doorsteps.

All these are part of our strategy and brand vision to move towards our goal of 100% PCR packaging, reduced carbon footprint, and sustainability. We believe that it is our collective responsibility to not just be benefited from the environment but also try to benefit the environment by safeguarding it. 

Women power all the way

wow women

We can’t truly say that we believe in the greatness of nature without including the sole bearer of life in our journey. That’s why women have such a crucial role in making us who we are. We are trying to do our bit in empowering women by giving them the necessary platforms, financial stability, and the space to shine. We can proudly say that 80% of our workforce consists of women employed across various business divisions and manufacturing processes. They are the reason behind our exponential growth trajectory. They are the true-life bearers of our company as well. 

Made Local Serve Global

made in india

WOW Skin Science is Indian by heart and soul and global by its presence. We are proud to one of those indigenous brands that have created iconic products that not only our Indian consumers love but are bestsellers in the global market as well.  We are a proud “Made in India” company and that is on its way to conquer the world with the bestselling products all around the globe.

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  • Aradhya Mishra -

    Words are less to express my affection towards this page ! I have been using WOW Products from past 1 month, and the results are outstanding. Specially the Apple cider Vinegar Facewash. This product gives my skin a unbelievable change. I am so proud to use such product with is totally connected to Nature & Mother earth. My trust & loyalty towards there products is permanent. I have also reviewed there product on My Social Media Handles and people are getting affected and interacted alot, from the day I started using it and getting the results, I am recommending everyone to use there products. I am glad that trustable products like wow is out there in market and available for everyone. I know that this brand & Company will reach a Huge milestone one in all over world and I wish for that too.
    Recently there initiative towards Mother earth & nature on Environment Day, has set a an example that, there are so many things we don’t notice in our day to day life that affect nature, The information they share about spam mails, took my heart. Once again I am thankful to this Brand .
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    Instagram Handles : , @_foodiephilosphy_
    Facebook : @banarasi.forever

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