Cleanliness is important in intimate areas too!

Let’s begin with a few simple questions,

Do you shampoo and condition your hair regularly?

Do you take showers and baths regularly to keep your skin scrupulously clean?

Do you use a face wash or a skin cleanser twice a day without fail?

Do you clean your intimate areas as regularly as any of the above?

It is surprising but most ladies who answer in a resounding ‘yes’ to the first three often say ‘not really’ to the last query. Quite a few women practice good intimate hygiene habit on all days of the month except for menstruation when it is actually needed all the more.

Well, ladies! If you fall in the category of ‘really clean everywhere but down there’, you just aren’t clean enough. Intimate or feminine hygiene is vital as lack of cleanliness in this area can cause discomfort, itchiness, vaginal and urinary tract infections, rashes, discharge and bad odour. You will agree that none of these are good for you.

To help you maintain your feminine hygiene to impeccable standards, we have a few suggestions and tips. Read on:

Use a Feminine Wash

Are you still using shampoo or soap for intimate cleansing? Well, it is time to switch to a specialist feminine wash (check out: WOW Feminine Cleansing Foam Wash). The reason to make the switch is simple. Your vagina has a pH level (degree of acidity) between 3.5-4.5 pH. While a quality intimate wash is of the same pH to help maintain healthy vaginal flora (good bacteria), soaps and shampoos) have higher pH that can kill these good bacteria and upset vagina’s own maintenance system to cause dryness, itching, fungal growth etc.

WOW Feminine Cleansing Foam Wash has a vagina-friendly pH. It also contains Lactic Acid and pure Tea Tree Essential Oil – and has no harmful sulphates or parabens – to ensure naturally healthy cleansing. The vagina secretes lactic acid on its own too as a self-cleaning mechanism. Tea Tree Oil is one of the safest and most effective antifungal bioactives known to the mankind.


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Use menstrual cups to manage your monthly period sans mess

Sanitary napkins and tampons, if not changed frequently can become breeding grounds for unhealthy bacterial growth that can cause reproductive tract infections. Plus, sanitary napkins and tampons also cause environmental pollution when thrown into garbage & landfills.

Menstrual cups are a healthier, eco-friendly and way more convenient alternative to maintaining your menstrual hygiene. Made of hypoallergenic silicone, these can simply be inserted in the vagina to collect the menstrual blood for hours without leakage or overflow. You can simply empty, rinse and re-insert for next use. Imagine one menstrual cup can last for years and years! As blood never really comes in contact with air, there are no foul odours, no unhealthy bacterial growths!

WOW Freedom Menstrual Cup is an excellent menstrual cup made of thin yet sturdy silicone for all day comfort and hygienic period management. Available in two convenient sizes, it also comes in a combo pack with complimentary WOW Feminine Cleansing Foam Wash to make hygiene maintenance very easy. 

Wear Comfortable Innerwear

Comfort fit cotton panties or boyshorts that are neither too tight nor too loose are best for intimate hygiene. Ultra tight panties (like thongs) can slide forward and backwards creating friction and causing harm to your private parts. Too tight panties can also transfer bacteria from anus to vagina and urethra and cause urinary and reproductive tract infections. This happens all the more when you are engaged in physical activity like working out or jogging or just swabbing the floors at home.

For healthy intimate hygiene, you should stick to cotton innerwear as this fabric is natural and doesn’t retain moisture. Synthetic materials like nylon and lycra – especially in warm and humid climates like ours – trap heat and moisture and compromise feminine hygiene.

Ensure Post-Sex Cleansing

Any sexual activity requires high level of hygiene from both the partners. While sexually transmitted diseases can be checked by using quality protection, even residues left by protection can cause allergies and odours. So, do take care to wash your intimate areas with a feminine hygiene wash like WOW Feminine Cleansing Foam Wash after engaging in sex.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Are you wondering what on earth your diet has to do with your intimate hygiene? Well, candida yeast is a fungus quite deadly to your vaginal (and overall) health. Good news is its growth in your body can be controlled by eating healthy portions of fruits, green leafy vegetables and probiotics foods like yoghurt, curds and kimchi. Candida loves to be fed on sugars, so to keep your genitals and vitals healthy, go low on sugary treats.   Plus, drink lots of water through the day.

Some people wrongly believe that public restrooms can spread reproductive tract infections. Actually the chances of that happening are remote as your genital are not likely to touch a dirty surface. However, flushing with toilet lid closed, not touching any surfaces that maybe contaminated(flush and close the tap with a tissue paper) , washing hands thoroughly using plenty of soap and water after using a restroom are all good ideas for general hygiene.

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