Is Green Tea Under Eye Cream Good for Dark Circles?

Is Green Tea Under Eye Cream Good for Dark Circles?

An unhealthy lifestyle and odd sleep cycles make it hard to maintain healthy skin. And while you are attempting to achieve glowing skin, you might be missing out on a crucial area. Everyone loves to discuss body lotions for winters, hydrating gels for your face, lip balms for chapped lips, hair serums, but most of us forget to give the under-eye area the attention it deserves. 

You might have heard that cucumber, aloe vera, cold tea bags, cold compressed, etc., are some of the effective natural remedies for getting rid of dark circles. But your options are not limited to these. Green tea, another magical ingredient, is currently in the trend for treating dark circles

In this blog, we shall find the answer to the following question: Is Green Tea Under Eye Cream good for dark circles?

Before we start stating facts, let’s understand the reason behind dark cycles. 

You can develop dark circles for many reasons. They include:

✔️ Poor sleeping habits 
✔️ Allergies like hay fever 
✔️ Excessive production of melanin 
✔️ Decrease in fatty tissue levels around the eye
✔️ Skin thinning around the eyes 
✔️ Overexposure to sun
✔️ Iron deficiency
✔️ Frequent and vigorous eye rubbing 
✔️ Smoking
✔️ Genetics 
✔️ Aging and dehydration

    What does this mean? Along with the need for a lifestyle change, dark circles demand the right product usage too. One of these products is under-eye creams that contain green tea as an active ingredient. 

    Why choose Green Tea Under-Eye Cream?

    Green tea, prepared from the mildly steamed fresh leaves of the Camellia sinensis, has been used for therapeutic reasons for countless generations in several regions globally.

    Green tea has several health advantages, including improved cognitive function and weight loss. It can also be beneficial to the skin, which is why it's commonly found in a variety of beauty products.

    It is anti-inflammatory in nature and contains antioxidants. Green tea has polyphenols and six different catechins, which fight free radicals in the body. An increase in free radicals causes cellular damage. The EGCG in green tea also repairs DNA damage caused by the harmful sun rays. But what does it do for your under-eye?

    Green tea contains caffeine which significantly impacts your under-eye. It improves the elasticity of your under-eye skin, reduces dark circles and pigmentation. In addition to this, it includes flavonoids and tannins. Tannins can tighten the skin and pull out fluid, reducing puffiness further.


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