Is A Bathing Bar Good For Skin?

Is A Bathing Bar Good For Skin?

It is wonderful to see the evolution of bathing products from ancient history to modern times. What began with a normal soap has taken the form of luxuries such as shower gel, bath wash, and bathing bars. If they all fulfil the same purpose, why are they addressed with different names? While the intended purpose remains the same, these products differ in their formulas and additional benefits. 

The closest product to a bathing bar is soap. Although most of us seem to think that the two are the same thing, we are wrong. The Bureau of Indian standards recognizes two types of soaps, Toilet soaps, and bathing bars. Unlike bathing bars, toilet soaps constitute fattier material. This means that bathing bars contain surface-active agents with low TFM (Total Fatty Material). In short, bathing bars are nothing but entry-level soaps that have cleansing properties and a few additional benefits. Now, the question is: If the bathing bar is only an entry-level soap, is it good for skin? Let’s find out. 

Benefits of bathing bar 

1 . Supportive pH levels

pH level is an important determinant of whether the product will do harm or good. According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, healthy skin has a pH range of 5.4-5.9. It is said that the more the pH range, the greater the damage. But why? Although bars and soaps with higher pH levels have a stronger cleaning action, they also tend to dry your skin by damaging its protective barrier. Since most bathing bars have a pH range of 5.5, they will suit your skin. They will not harm the protective barrier of your skin and cleanse it well. 

2 . Retains moisture 

To retain moisture, one needs to keep intact the protective barrier of their skin. This micro-bacterial flora of the skin is damaged by soaps and bars with a high pH value. Moreover, they strip the skin of its natural oils or sebum. Sebum is known to not only moisturize your skin but improve the visibility of fine lines as well. It helps you to maintain smooth, soft skin. Furthermore, research suggests that it has antibacterial properties and might also protect your skin against oxidative stress. Since bathing bars are mild on your skin, they do not strip the skin of its natural oils, giving you soft, supple skin.

3 . Prevents allergy and rashes

Harsh bars of soap deplete the anti-ageing layer of the skin, exposing it to free radicals and bacterias. This implies that as the layer depletes, your skin becomes more prone to developing rashes and allergies. Although bathing bars have the same purpose as soap, their mild formula keeps this layer intact. 

4 . Safer ingredients 

Most traditional soaps are laden with toxic chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Parabens, etc., that can harm your skin. WOW Skin Science Bathing Bars are manufactured using skin-friendly ingredients, making them a safer option to use. 

Concluding remarks 

Are you still confused if a bathing bar is good for your skin? After considering the mentioned points, we believe that WOW Skin Science Bathing Bars can be the right pick for you. They are gentler on the skin and have a moisturizing effect. Besides, they are free of most toxic chemicals, unlike your regular soaps. So if you are looking to enhance your bathing experience while taking care of your skin, a bathing bar is the ideal choice to help your skin Be WOW, Naturally

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