Don’t let rains wash out your skin’s glow

Ever seen Bollywood divas gyrating seductively in gauzy sarees in rain songs and looking so totally perfect? Crazy, isn’t it when the reality is that rains to the rest of us mean runny makeup, skin infections, oily-sticky skin and other skin woes.

Welcome to monsoons, the rainy weather that delights the senses but plays havoc with the skin.
All that humidity in the air makes oily skin oilier and dry skin, drier. Profuse sweating, alternating humid and dry spells, inflamed skin, infections floating around…the woes are endless.

So how do you take care of your skin during the monsoons? Read on.

1. Cleanse and tone without fail

Rainy season often worsens acne because the pores get clogged and inflamed. Similarly skin infections flare up because of inadequate skin cleansing. So cleanse and tone (and follow up with moisturization) everyday to remove all the impurities and tighten up open pores.

For skin cleansing, we recommend WOW Micellar Facial Skin Cleanser & Makeup Remover with Lavender Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice & Cucumber Extract that uses French mi-cellar technology and does away with the need to use skin-drying foamy-lathering face washes and cleansers. For skin toning, our vote goes to WOW Rose Lavender Skin Toner that contains pure Lavender & Rose Hydrosols, Witch Hazel, Green Tea & Cucumber Extracts for balancing and refreshing skin.



2. Dry skin or oily, carry on moisturizing

Summer, winter or rain, your skin needs plentiful moisture to stay radiant and youthful. When humidity levels fluctuate and your skin’s moisture needs are not being met adequately, your skin’s own oil production mechanism goes for a toss. For example, un-moisturized oily skin may start producing more sebum making skin even more oily. So moisturize your skin 2-3 times a day and use a night cream too to ensure overnight care.

For daytime moisturization, we recommend WOW 10-in-1 Active Miracle Face Cream that has 10 potent bioactives including wild honey, beetroot extract and hydrolyzed collagen to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. For night time moisture, we recommend WOW Skin Science Anti Aging Night Cream with Matrixyl and Hyaluronic Acid for total care.

active miracle


3. Don’t forget to exfoliate

Your skin needs regular exfoliation to stay clear of acne and dullness. So do scrub gently and regularly (twice a week is enough).

4. Use a BB cream rather than foundation

BB creams are lighter and don’t clog up your skin. Foundation, on the other hand, cakes up and gets runny with water and sweat. So during rains, let your skin breathe easily. Spare the thicker foundation and opt for lighter BB cream.

5. Wear a sunscreen when outdoors

Clouds can obstruct sun’s shining heat from reaching you but sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays are always there during the day hours. So hail or sunshine, carry an umbrella and wear sunscreen with high SPF count to keep your skin protected from sun damage, pigmentation, signs of aging and tanning.

We recommend WOW Skin Science AM2PM Sunscreen SPF 50 . Being water resistant, it keeps on working for longer even if you are caught in sudden showers.



6. Bathe with aromatherapy water

Keep your skin healthier by adding a few drops of a suitable and pure essential oil (lavender/ rose/ geranium/ lemon/ basil: take your pick) in your bath water to keep away prickly heat and fungal infections. It will also surround you with luscious fragrance and also help you feel relaxed and stress-free.

Take a look at our essential oil range. Choose your favorite healing and alluring fragrance and beat the rains.

7. Eat right and drink lots

Rains and monsoons are the times when you want to indulge yourself with hot and spicy food. Just take care that you eat freshly and hygienically cooked food only. Avoid outside food as chances of contamination are higher in this season. Also drink loads of water (at least 8 glasses a day) to ensure optimal hydration that has a direct effect on how your skin looks.

With these tips, you can enjoy monsoon rains without worrying about your skin.

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