How is WOW Skin Science coping with COVID-19?

How is WOW Skin Science coping with COVID-19?

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From the very onset of our journey in the skin and hair care line, we at WOW Skin Science have been committed to providing you the very best of nature-inspired products. For us, transparency and quality has always been the top priority. 

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, we are more vigilant than ever. The pandemic that has been gripping the world and has been pushing us into isolation has resulted in WOW Skin Science to ponder upon the changes that are needed to be executed. It turns out, the volume of changes required in our systems and functionality are minimal to none. 

We have always ensured that our products reach to you in the most hygienic ways possible. In the wake of the recent situation, we are more determined to ensure that our products reach you contamination-free.

How are we coping?

At our manufacturing centers: 

Your favorite products have always been produced with the highest safety measures in place. Our employees are required to use masks, and protective gears while handling the products. As a part of the safety precautions against CoronaVirus, we have made it mandatory for our employees to get their temperature checked before entering the premises. We have made it mandatory to use sanitizers and soaps to clean their hands as frequently as possible. Also, our manufacturing units are being regularly disinfected.

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Storage units:  

We store your products with the highest possible preventive measures. Our warehouses are cleaned regularly and our employees are required to maintain a standard personal hygiene. Your products are packaged and dispatched with a protective covering that ensures no contamination. 

During this situation of uncertainty, almost all of us are stranded within the confines of our homes. We urge you to maintain minimal social interactions, and continue to complete your duties from the safety of your homes. During this period of confinement do not forget to take care of yourself. Maintain personal hygiene, drink plenty of water, consume healthy food, and take care of your skin and hair. We also advise you to order your daily essentials online rather than visiting your local grocery stores. 

We would also like to convey our gratitude towards all the health care personals, pharmacists, and doctors for taking care of the needy while keeping their own wellbeing at stake. We would also like to thank the cleaning staff and employees of municipal boards for helping us keep safe by conducting cleanliness drives. At the end, we express our gratitude to You, yes you, for working from home even during this period of lockdown. You are the pillar of the economy and the fabulous job that you are executing is helping us stay afloat. 

We believe we can overcome this situation soon with your help. Stand in solidarity with the nation with staying indoors for as long as the effect of the virus subsides. 




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