Get your body ready for pool, beach & party wear

“Sonia has worked out right through winters to get her body in shape before summer (and pool season) arrives. Her workouts have paid off – she has lost the inches but her woes have not lessened. Her thighs are now dimpled with cellulite (swimsuit look killers!) and the shave on her underarms and bikini line gives hair-free look for barely 1-1/2 days and then the hair sprout back again”

“Ramona’s issues are different. Her body has so many flabby bulges here and there that she never feels comfy in anything but cover-all clothes. She wishes there were some way to lose extra body weight easily so she too could sport skin-tight minis and oomphy shorts once in a while.”

Do these stories sound familiar? Are you suffering from any of the following summer-killjoys?

• Is summer your killjoy too because you never seem to have the slim, toned, hair-free body that will carry off tank tops, swimsuits, minis, crop tops, sleeveless or backless clothes?

• Are your plans to hit the pool, or go to beach-side for fun under the sun facing the fat and hairy woes?

• Is cellulite making the skin of buttocks, tummy, upper arms and calves so lumpy that you feel too dumpy to sport sexy clothing?

Don’t despair. We have some really good advice on how to solve these summer body woes. Here are a few great tips to get you going on ‘mission summer body’.

1. Get rid of unwanted body hair

Body hair looks so unsightly and ugly. Imagine wearing a swimsuit with hairy thighs or intimate zone hair peeping out from underneath the swimsuit or sporting spaghetti tops with hairy underarms!

Summer and body hair are totally contradictory. So the first thing to get beach and holiday ready is to get your body clean and clear of unwanted hair. Here are some common ways to achieve this goal:

Waxing/Sugaring – Hurts, needs salon sessions, results last a couple of weeks

Threading – Slow and painful, needs parlour visits, good only for short skin stretches

Depilatory creams – Painless, do-it-yourself, results stay for 3-4 days max

Shaving – Painless but bleeding nicks and cuts are likely, do-it-yourself, results last 1-2 days max

Laser – Near permanent results (annual touch ups may be needed), needs expert dermatologist/ aesthetician and high-end machines, expensive

As you will notice, barring the prohibitively costly laser treatment, every hair removal process has to be repeated frequently. What if there was some easy, do-it-yourself way of prolonging the gaps between two hair removal sessions? Good news, with modern hair retardant solutions, you can do so without having to spend a bundle or visit specialists.
You need to start using quality hair retardant (also called hair inhibitor) products that gradually destroy hair roots to reduce hair regrowth massively to lengthen gaps between waxing or shaving or depilation sessions. With regular use, hair retardants can even lead to permanently hair-free body.

hair vanish


We recommend WOW Hair Vanish range of hair retardants that weaken hair roots through an all-natural and safe-for-skin plant enzyme action. WOW Hair Vanish range is available in three variants – WOW Hair Vanish For MenWOW Hair Vanish For Women, & WOW Hair Vanish For Sensitive Skin . Free from harmful parabens, sulphates and mineral oils, these highly effective products can slow down hair regrowth on any skin area – underarms, tummy, chest, bikini area, legs, arms, even upper lip cheeks and chin.

2. Get rid of extra body weight and flab.

To lose weight in a healthy and holistic way, you need to get your diet and physical activity on track. However, there are many safe and easy ways that can help alongside your fitness regimen to accelerate fat loss. Here are two such ways:

Dietary supplements – There are many safe and natural substances derived from plants clinically proven to accelerate weight loss by boosting metabolism that are available easy-to-consume dietary supplement capsules. Like Extracts of Garcinia cambogia, Raspberry, African Mango, Green Coffee Extract, and also body detox and colon cleansing supplements based on Indian herbs like amla, bahera and harad. Choose the one that matches your needs the best. Just be sure to choose carefully that you buy from a tried, tested and reputed brand and that your preferred dietary supplement ingredient labels do not indicate useless fillers.

We recommend WOW Dietary Supplements for healthy weight loss. WOW is a leading world seller and WOW weight loss supplements are made in a hi-tech plant under supervision of trained pharmacists and contain best quality potent plant extracts without fillers.

Choose from WOW Garcinia Cambogia, WOW Life Science Green Coffee and more.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Acclaimed in European traditional medicine, apple cider vinegar (pure, unfiltered and non-pasteurized version with raw mother of vinegar content) is a wonderful and safe home cure for many woes including surplus fat. Sip 1tbs mixed in 1 glass of water twice a day, or take apple cider vinegar capsules for even easier consumption. And see how much positive difference it brings to your weighing scale readings!

acv capsule


We recommend WOW Apple Cider Vinegar that’s made using the finest Himalayan apples in a hi-tech plant in the Himalayan foothills. It is kept raw, unfiltered and non-pasteurized with 4% mother of vinegar content for maximum health benefits.

3. Get rid of cellulite

No matter how shapely your body or how hairless your skin, if it’s plagued by lumpy-orange peel cellulite it never looks good. Fortunately there are cellulite fighter products available in the market that can help you gain a smoother skin.



We recommend WOW Arabica Coffee Scrub that’s powered with pure Arabica coffee grounds, shea butter and coconut oil for natural and effective anti-cellulite action.

Slim, toned, hair-free – it’s time to get your body shipshape. Use these tips and products and you will see enviable results.

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