Give Your Wellness A Vocal for Local Shout Out

Give Your Wellness A Vocal for Local Shout Out

WOW, your favourite personal care brand is 100% Indian

vocal for local

The path to revival of the economy battered by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, seems to lie on the initiative of being vocal about the local brands, or in short Vocal for Local.  WOW Skin Science as an all-Indian brand with local manufacturing and marketing supports this Vocal for Local drive. We fully agree that it is time to support local brands by buying and patronizing Made in India products, especially when these products are at par with the world-class ones, as all WOW Skin Science products are.

As coronavirus takes its toll on the country and its economy, every citizen needs to step up and support the government in putting the nation back on its forward track. One simple yet meaningful way to do so is to buy locally manufactured, Made in India products. This will bring in money to local industries, help provide wages to workers and professionals (all fellow Indians, of course) employed with them, and gradually lift the nation out of its financial red zone.  

Be Indian, buy Indian

As patriotic citizens, it is our duty to ensure India progresses as a nation. One simple, easy way of doing so is by buying Indian products. This ensures that our hard-earned money is reinvested into the Indian market where it supports fellow Indians, from skilled and unskilled labor working in the manufacturing units to transporters, sellers, and makers of raw ingredients. Even the courier guy who delivers your order to your doorstep gets livelihood for self and family. 

You, the customer, have the power to give momentum to the nation.

Indian quality, at par with the best

We understand your quality concerns. Surely you know that there are plenty of Indian brands across product categories that are at par with (sometimes better than) leading global brands. Like with WOW, you get the best quality products that are guaranteed free of harsh chemical preservatives and actives like sulphates, parabens, and mineral oils, etc. Why buy from foreign companies and overseas brands when you can support Indian ones which give you better value for your money!

WOW, your favourite 100% Indian brand

WOW is 100% Indian – from management to manufacturing to marketing. The company is based in Bangalore; the manufacturing of almost all personal care products under the sub-brand WOW Skin Science is done in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh.  Products for WOW Life Science, another hugely popular sub-brand are also packaged in India. We sell our products through e-commerce channels all over India.

WOW, a quality that speaks for itself

WOW is a 100% Indian brand, a socially responsible one that takes pride in matching best-in-the-world standards.

Be it WOW Skin Science with its vast range of personal care (haircare, skincare, bath & body, and personal hygiene) products, or WOW Life Science with its portfolio of premium supplements, every single WOW product is backed by brand equity built on purity, quality, and customer appreciation.

Our products are formulated to give you holistic benefits. Every product is not only free of harmful sulphates, parabens, and mineral oils; each and every product is also powered with the finest active ingredients sourced from nature. 

WOW Supports Vocal for Local

At our manufacturing unit in Himachal Pradesh, we provide employment to local residents, mostly women. Through our continuous growth and expansion, we have created employment opportunities for professionals across segments. At our headquarters in Bangalore, we employ many more Indians to carry out our operations. Of course, our supply chains and material sourcing helps many more workers and entrepreneurs contribute to the national economy, along with securing their own livelihood.

When you buy a WOW product, you not only get the best in terms of quality at competitive pricing, you also help support numerous local families secure their livelihood.

Be Vocal for Local. Buy WOW products to support the drive.




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