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Let’s be honest. Healthy, glowing and fair skin is on almost everyone’s wish list. Most people look into the mirror, see sallow, dark and pigmented skin and lose all hope. Quite a few try home remedies and fairness creams, only to get patchy and infrequent results.

So, is there no hope for you? Actually, there is fair hope (pun intended).

What if we were to tell you that you can really make your skin healthy, glowing and fairer by a few tones? Yes, it is definitely possible provided you follow a worthy skincare routine and choose a really good fairness cream.
We have devised a Game Plan Fair Skin for you. It has one core move and several supporting ones. Start it today and you will see benefits on your face within a few weeks.

Here is our game plan fair skin for you

Core and most important move, Make sure you choose the best possible fairness cream that can really deliver significant skin lightening action.

There are plenty of fairness creams available in the market: most are rank bad, a few are decent and then there’s the pick of the crop (like WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream) that’s absolutely exceptional. So how do you sift the best from the crowd?

When you pick a fairness cream, check for the below 5 on the packaging.

1. Does it contain natural ingredients and clinically proven plant bioactives for safe and better results?

Your fairness cream should have natural and botanical bioactive clinically proven to improve skin tone and texture. Arbutin is a wonderful natural bioactive that creates fairer skin by blocking skin colouring pigment melanin’s production inside skin cells. You should definitely check for Arbutin (extracted from bearberry plants, delivers the most advanced whitening action) in the ingredient list for safe and sure skin lightening action.

WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream’s advanced skin lightening action is powered by Arbutin, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate (sourced from mushrooms), and strengthened by three precious plant extracts – Saffron, Mulberry and Liquorice – trusted by generations of traditional healers for lightening skin tone.

2. Does the fairness cream have sun protection included in it?

Skin’s colour depends on the amount of melanin pigment in it. Melanin is made by skin cells. More melanin means darker skin, less melanin means lighter skin. Sun rays make the skin produce more melanin (that’s why suntan happens). So in other words, if you need to get maximum fairness benefits, you need to avoid being out in the sun. Naturally, it isn’t always possible to stay away from sunlight all the time, so the next best thing is to get a fairness cream which has a sun protection factor (SPF) in it.

WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream comes with SPF15 which shields your skin from getting darker on sun exposure.

3. What’s the jar mechanism of the packaging?

It may seem a surprising thing to check for but trust us; packaging plays a key role in determining the effectiveness of your chosen fairness cream.

Simple scoop out jars where you dip in fingers, take out cream and massage it on the face are not good for your skin. What happens is that every time you open the jar, the contents come in contact with outside air leading to oxidation. When you dip in fingers, contaminants (bacteria, dirt, germs, fungal spores) go into the cream. Both ways, the cream’s quality goes down.

The best packaging for a fairness cream is an airless jar – where the cream stays safe inside the jar without air exposure. A pump mechanism on top delivers just the right amount of cream onto your palm without any finger scooping on your part. Any fairness cream packed in airless jar will deliver superior fairness results because its bioactives will stay pure, non-oxidized and uncontaminated.

By the way, WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream is the only fairness cream in India that comes packed in an airless jar.

4. Does it contain mineral oil (also known as liquid paraffin or petrolatum)?

If it does, don’t touch it. Mineral oil is a cheap petroleum derivative (like kerosene and diesel) that’s bad for your skin.

5. Does it contain sulphates and/or parabens?

Again, harmful chemicals no good for your skin or health.  WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream is totally free of mineral oil, sulphates or  parabens.

Fairness cream



OK, so you have chosen your fairness cream.

Now let’s see what else you can do to get maximum benefits from it.

Stay hydrated

We have said it often enough and we say it again. Hydration makes your skin look better. So drink your 8 glasses of water every day.

Stay under shade

Carry an umbrella, or wear a hat or scarf when outdoors: Shield your face from direct sunlight by carrying an umbrella and/or wearing a hat or scarf. If your face stays in shade, the skin doesn’t go dark.

Do the C-T-M

Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin twice a day. It helps the skin stay hydrated, balanced and smooth. Cared for skin tends to pigment less and that adds to your fairer complexion quest.

Check out WOW’s skincare range.

Pamper skin with homemade face packs

Yep! Grandma’s face packs do help.  Try any of the following face packs twice a week for lovely looking fairer skin:

  • Chickpea flour, curd and turmeric
  • Almond flour, honey and raw milk
  • Buttermilk and rosewater
  • Curd, orange peel powder and liquorice powder

Just blend, apply on cleansed face, let dry for 15 minutes and wash off with plain water.

Bonus tip

Adding 2 drops of essential oil (lavender and geranium for all types of skin, jasmine absolute for oily skin, rose absolute for dry skin, basil for acne-prone skin) will make your skin look even better. Just make sure, your essential oils are 100% pure and natural.

Check WOW Essential Oil range here.

Get going. Fairer skin is waiting for you!


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