DIY bridal skincare tips you need this wedding season

DIY bridal skincare tips you need this wedding season
DIY bridal skincare


Hello, bride to be! Worried about looking flawless on your wedding day? These DIY bridal skincare hacks are here to make it all go away! Up your pre-bridal skincare game from the safety of your home with the help of these easy DIY bridal skincare tips.

Packed with glow!

A good DIY face pack is on the top of our bridal skincare tips list. A good and effective face pack is all you need to get that glow on.


🔸 2 tbsp aloe vera gel 
🔸 1 tbsp honey (3-4 drops in case of acne-prone skin)
🔸 1over ripe banana (Skip this incase of acne-prone skin)


    1. Peel the banana and mash it in a bowl
    2. Add aloe vera gel and honey to the banana
    3. Mix with a fork until it becomes a smooth paste 
    4. Apply it on the face and rinse off after 30 minutes (20 minutes for acne-prone skin using lukewarm water)

    Tip: Use homegrown aloe vera plant or WOW skin science aloe vera gel which has 99% pure aloe vera and contains no chemicals.

    Serums for sure!

    bridal skincare tips


    Next on our bridal skincare tips list is a DIY night serum. Vitamin C based serums are like magical elixirs that have antioxidant properties. They help in the repair and renewal of skin cells and make them look young and healthy.

    DIY Vitamin C serum


    🔸 1tspVitamin C powder
    🔸 1 tsp. filtered water
    🔸 1TB aloe vera gel
    🔸 ¼ tsp Vitamin E oil (Optional)


      1. Mix Vitamin C powder and filtered water in a bowl until the powder is fully dissolved.
      2. Stir in the aloe vera gel and Vitamin E oil.
      3. Pour the serum into a dark bottle and refrigerate it for 1-2 weeks. 
      4. Use the serum after washing your face before going to bed every night. Follow the serum with a moisturizer and rinse your face the next morning before applying any makeup or going out.
      5. Avoid using Vitamin C during the day due to sun exposure.

      Tip: In case you don't have time to make your serum you can opt for WOW skin science Vitamin C serum. It is formulated with 20% of Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, witch hazel extract and 1% of ferulic acid which helps boost the effect of Vitamin C. 

      Hello, lustrous hair!

      bridal beauty tips


      For all the brides that are suffering from hair issues like hair fall, greying or dull hair. Natural remedies like onion juice can be your life-saver, so naturally, it had to be on our bridal beauty tips list! It enhances hair growth by elevating the level of an antioxidant enzyme called catalase. This sulfur-rich juice nourishes your hair follicles and helps to alleviate hair thinning and breakage.

      Steps to extract onion juice

      1. According to the length of your hair, take 2-3 onions
      2. Chop and grind them in a mixer.
      3. Sieve through a muslin cloth in a container.
      4. Refrigerate it.

      DIY onion juice mask


      🔸 2tsp Onion Juice
      🔸 1tsp honey


        1. Mix 2 tsp of onion juice with 1 tsp of honey.
        2. Apply it to your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes
        3. Rinse it off

        Tip: Save yourself some precious pre-wedding minutes by buying WOW skin science red onion black seed oil hair mask. In addition to red onion seed oil extract, this mask also consists of black seed oil which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps with excessive dryness, dandruff and scalp eruptions. The Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (gluten-free) present in this mask is a deep conditioning agent that helps to improve moisture retention and boosts hair thickness. 

        Too busy for DIY?

        bridal skincare kit

        If DIY is not your thing but going natural is, we suggest you opt for our Ubtan beauty box as a bridal skincare kit. Ubtan has been used on auspicious occasions to get glowing since ages and since all our products are chemical-free, it’s as good as DIY.  It is enriched with natural Indian ingredients like chickpea flour (besan), turmeric, saffron, almond, rosewater, and sandalwood oil that help your skin to restore its natural radiance.

        What do you get?

        Ubtan Face and body pack: Helps to draw out deep-seated grime, refines and minimizes pores. Makes the skin radiant in just 15 minutes.

        Ubtan Face and body scrub: Exfoliating is the most important step in bridal skincare. This all-natural scrub aids to remove tan and evens out the complexion.

        Ubtan Face wash: Helps to deep-cleanse, tone and moisturize to restore skin’s natural radiance and suppleness.

        Ubtan Body wash: Helps to manage tan and has a brightening effect on the body. Enriched with Vitamin E, almond extract and antioxidants that help to exfoliate and moisturize the skin

        Ubtan Face serum: Helps to protect the skin from harsh UV rays with SPF 55 and also has a moisturizing effect. Enriched with raspberry extract, carrot seed extract, and avocado oil.


        It’s time to put your trust back in the goodness of nature and look your absolute best for the most auspicious day of your life and we hope these bridal beauty tips help you achieve it!


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