Commit To Daily Cleansing This New Year! 

Commit To Daily Cleansing This New Year! 

2022 is almost here, and most of us will be stepping into the new year committed to new resolutions like reading more books, laughing more often, balancing personal and professional life better, and so on. We at WOW Skin Science suggest that you enter the new year by committing to cleansing as well. Why? Your skin needs it, and we are here to tell you what good cleansing can do. 

Before we dwell on the reasons, you should know what makes cleansing crucial. Cleansing is the cornerstone of every skincare and makeup removal ritual. Without proper cleansing, all the other steps that follow will be meaningless. Now, let’s explore the reasons why you need to stay committed to cleansing this new year!

Why should you cleanse regularly? 

1. To remove build-up 

Your skin goes through a lot. Makeup, oil, grime, dust & bacterias settle on your skin. They almost form a layer on your skin. Furthermore, as the skin regenerates itself, the dead cells also form a layer on top of the new one. Cleansing helps to get rid of all of this. 

2. To prevent breakout 

As mentioned above, grime and oil accumulate on your face. Without cleansing, they will clog your pores. Clogged pores often lead to severe breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads. As a result, they can cause your pores to increase in size. Blackheads can cause your skin to look dull.

3. To regulate oil production 

Your skin produces sebum or natural oil to protect itself from the environment. A lack of sebum due to clogged pores will lead to inflammation and breakouts. Regular cleansing keeps the pores clean and clog-free, allowing the sebum to travel from the hair follicle in the skin and reach the skin surface. 

Impact of cleansing on your skincare products 

Imagine a surface that cannot absorb anything. Now, what would happen if you apply skincare products on surfaces like that? They will be useless, and their application will do no good. This is what happens when you do no cleanse. 

When you apply other skin care products such as moisturizers, anti-ageing creams, serums, facial oil, etc., on the skin without cleaning it, they do not get absorbed due to blocked pores. As a result, you will gain no benefits from their application, and the quality of your skin and its texture will further deteriorate.

Cleansing allows your skin to breathe, increases its absorbing capacity, and helps other products to do their jobs. It also prevents irritation and insufficient hydration.

WOW Skin Science for you! 

WOW Skin Science has a wide range of natural and paraben-free Face Wash Range that make for ideal choices for your cleansing routine. They contain Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Ubtan, Activated Charcoal, Rose, Coconut, Tea Tree, Greek Yoghurt, Moroccan Argan Oil, etc., as their main ingredients. 

Furthermore, they are free of harsh chemicals and available in different formulas, such as foaming face wash or gel. Suitable for every skin type, they address different needs such as skin brightening, deep cleaning, and hydration. 

So what are you waiting for? Commit to regular cleansing this new year with paraben-free Face Washes from WOW Skin Science & Be WOW, Naturally!


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