Chemical Vs. Natural Products

Chemical Vs. Natural Products

The domain of skincare is undergoing a drastic shift, and the debate of natural v/s chemicals is gaining momentum like never before. People around the globe are becoming more aware of the chemical (synthetic) ingredients used in beauty products like creams, moisturizers, make-up, lotions, shampoo, hair oilhair maskhair serumetc., and actively switching to products made using “natural” ingredients. 

Does this mean that natural products are undeniably better than chemical products? Unfortunately, not everything that glitters is gold. 

Even though most products claim to be “natural,” they might not be so, and hence it is always better to check for the ingredients mentioned on the product packaging. But this does not mean that natural products have no benefits. Based on several factors like composition, usage, area of application, manufacturing method, etc., both natural and chemical products can be equally safe or harmful.

Let us look at the advantages of natural products and debunk a few misconceptions about synthetic products.

Benefits of going all-natural

Following are the top 3 reasons why organic products are better than chemical products:

1 . Environment-friendly

The manufacturing process of synthetic ingredients or products releases harmful toxins in the atmosphere and water bodies. As a result, it can harm the air quality and marine life, leading to a disruption in the ecological balance. In contrast to this, the manufacturing of natural products is less harmful to the environment. 

2 . Softer on the skin 

Synthetic products contain added colours, fragrances, parabens, sulphates, and fillers that seep deep into the skin. As a result, there are high chances that these products might irritate your skin, resulting in redness, inflammation, bumps, and rashes. 

Natural products, on the other hand, minimize the additional harmful chemicals. As a result, they can be used by people of all skin types, even the ones with extremely sensitive skin. 

3 . Gentle in the long run

While synthetic products can show instant results, they may not be healthy for use in the long run. For example, Paraben, a preservative added to increase the shelf life, mimics your hormones. It can be possible that its prolonged use starts to affect your endocrine systems. Natural products, in comparison, may work slowly to get you the desired results but are not likely to harm you in the long run. 

Debunking myths 

1 . All chemicals are harmful 

Ask yourself this question: If chemical products aren’t safe, why are they in circulation? What makes a product unsafe for use is its composition. Products with well-balanced chemical formulas and active ingredients will serve their purpose. Besides, these products are passed through some stringent tests to check their quality and reactions. However, it is the harsh chemicals that cause problems in the long run. 

2 . Chemicals are not necessary 

Cosmetic products contain water, rich fats, and even plant extracts, making them a perfect host for microorganisms. The reason behind adding preservatives is to prevent the growth of bacterias and algae. If not added, products will not have a longer shelf life, and contaminated products can lead to serious skin problems. What is not necessary is the use of harsh chemicals that do nothing but make our skin & hair unhealthy & poor in the long run. 

Our Belief

We at WOW Skin Science believe that it is always better to opt for natural products that are free from harsh chemicals like parabens, silicones, and sulphates. This belief is very well demonstrated in our products. And the best part is that every product comes with an authenticity tag through which every customer can check how natural the product really is. 

Though natural products require consistent use for effective results, they are always better in the long run. Unlike chemical products, they are soft on the skin and cater to a broader range of skin types. For us, natural ingredients are definitely the go-to choice.

So “Ab Chemicals Ki Nahi, Nature Ki Suno” & Be WOW, Naturally!

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