Bring back that sparkle to your eyes

Ruhani (21) has a nice complexion, a compact figure and gorgeous hair. Still she hates to look in the mirror or to take selfies. The reason is her dark under eye circles that she feels make her look like a vampire.

Ileana (33) too has eye issues of the skin kinds. She is a journalist and her job means long hours online squinting at screens and monitors. As a result, her eyes are already surrounded by visible fine lines, eye bags and puffiness.

What can Ruhani and Ileana and other gals and women of their kinds do to restore radiance and youthfulness to their under eye area? How can they make their dark circles, fine lines, spots, eye bags and puffiness disappear?

Here are some simple but very effective tips on under eye skincare every woman should know and use

1. Don’t be harsh on the skin around your eyes

The thinnest skin on your body is around your eyes. It is actually 6 to 10 times more delicate that the skin elsewhere. Think of your eyes skin as petals of delicate flowers. So be gentle, don’t scrub or rub or tug or pull at this skin (like when applying eyeliner) as all these actions damage collagen to reduce skin’s elasticity and cause fine lines.

2. Remove that eye makeup

Your makeup is made up of some natural ingredients and lots of chemicals. When you leave it on for long hours it can oxidize into free radicals, cause irritation, pimples, blackheads, and pre-mature aging. So if you want your eyes to look bright and your face to look young longer, wear makeup for as short durations as possible and always remove it before going to sleep.

makeup on eyes

3. Get your beauty sleep

A great sleep every night keeps stress hormone levels down and that in turn helps you look younger and happier. Plus, it gives your body sufficient time for self repair to keep signs of aging under check.


4. Drink loads of water

Your skin is always losing moisture through sweating, sun exposure and other biophysical reactions. Replenish that moisture by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. More if you spend long hours outdoors, undertake sweat inducing physical activity or the weather is hotter than usual. Also try reducing your salt intake a bit.


5. Eat your vitamins

Foods rich in healthy proteins, essential fats, vitamins and minerals keep your skin glowing. So eat your fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds to keep your nutrition on track and be rewarded with healthier skin all over including around the eyes.


6. Reduce your as much as you can

Desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone – your screen-oriented lifestyle is bad for your vision and your eye area skin. Light emission from screen, lack of blinking due to fixed gaze and screwing up of eyes – all age your delicate eye region skin faster than before. So budget screen time. Take screen breaks every 10 minutes or so. Blink your eyes often and gaze in a distance after every 20 minutes. Also get anti glare screens and glasses to keep eyes and eye area skin good.


7. Try cold treatment for puffy, baggy eyes

Apply cold compresses (soak soft cotton strips in chilled water, squeeze and place on closed eyelids) that constrict blood vessels to reduce puffiness. Avoid the much-touted cucumber slices as cut fruits and vegetables often have bacteria that can cause infections.

eye bag

8. Don’t frown or squint or screw up your eyes

Do you tend to show intense facial expressions by contorting eye area? This harms your skin and causes permanent furrows and lines making you look older. Keep a handle on yourself and let your eye area skin stay younger for longer.

9. Use a collagen booster and dark circle eraser under eye product.

Use a quality under eye gel to pamper your delicate skin. Make sure that your chosen products are powered only and only with clinically proven botanical actives like Kojic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Hydroxycinnamic Acid (don’t worry about ‘acids’, these are all fully safe, plant sourced actives great for your delicate eye area skin).



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