Can We Directly Apply Sunscreen On The Face?

Can We Directly Apply Sunscreen On The Face?

Do you know why doctors advise spending some time in the sun? It’s because the sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D, which is necessary to keep your bones, muscles, and teeth strong and healthy. But prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin issues like hyperpigmentation, dryness, skin allergies, tanning, and breakouts. The solution? Sunscreens

Regular use of sunscreen can reduce the impact of the harsh sun rays on your skin. The question is, can we directly apply sunscreen on the face? 

Before we tell you the answer, let’s quickly take you through the benefits of applying sunscreen.

Why should you religiously apply sunscreen?

1. Prevents hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, often known as dark patches or spots, is a skin condition that causes a few patches of the skin to become darker. When exposed to UV rays for an extended time, your skin's cells create more melanin as a protective response, darkening a few areas of the skin more than the others. Sunscreens create a protective layer on your skin and block the harmful sun rays, preventing hyperpigmentation.

2. Minimizes dryness  

Prolonged exposure to the sun damages your skin’s protective barrier. As a result, your body loses moisture and hydration at a multiplied rate, and your skin appears dry and wrinkled. The sun rays can strip your skin's natural oils, which are necessary for hydration.

Extended exposure also damages the collagen component, which is crucial for preserving your skin's elasticity, keeping it moisturized, and enhancing the overall texture. By creating a protective barrier on your skin, sunscreen minimizes the harm of the sun rays, allowing your body to retain its moisture and texture. 

3. Prevents acne 

It is commonly believed that applying sunscreen causes acne. However, sunscreen protects your skin and lessens the chances of aggravating your acne. Prolonged exposure can cause your skin to burn, resulting in inflammation. 

Sunscreen can save you from all this trouble by not allowing the sun rays to reach the deepest layers of the skin. It will also save you from sun allergy or sun poisoning by protecting the underlying cells of your skin from permanent or temporary damage.

Can we directly apply sunscreen on the face?

Sunscreens are of two kinds - Chemical and Mineral. Chemical sunscreens need to be applied 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun because they need to get absorbed into the skin and get activated. In contrast, you can use mineral sunscreens right before stepping out because it sits on your skin like a layer and needs no time for activation.

If you don’t use your products the right way or overuse them, you are simply hampering their effectiveness. As per dermatologists, the best way to get the most out of your sunscreen is to use it directly on the skin. This means that you can apply sunscreen directly to your face. 

Ensure that you wash your face with a cleanser to remove accumulated dirt or oil. Take half a teaspoon of your sunscreen (SPF of 30 or above) and dot it all over the face for application. This will ensure that it gets absorbed properly and help you get the most out of your sunscreen.

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