Can I Use Tea Tree Shampoo Every Day?

Can I Use Tea Tree Shampoo Every Day?

The tea tree is well known for several reasons. It plays an active role in treating acne, minor cuts, burns, fungal infections, and yeast infections. What if we told you the effectiveness of the tea tree is not limited to your skin but works like magic for your hair and scalp as well?  

That's right, but before we proceed, we have to ask you something. Is a tea tree good for hair? Can I use tea tree shampoo every day? What are the benefits of tea tree shampoo? - Did these questions pop up in your mind while you were reading? We bet it did, and to make it simpler, we will be answering all of these. Stay with us till the end.

Benefits of tea tree for hair 

1. Reduces hair fall 

What does healthy hair have and unhealthy hair doesn’t? A clean scalp. A clean scalp allows your follicles to breathe. Scalp buildup or clogged hair follicles can lead to severe hair fall and result in a medical condition called folliculitis. This may lead to inflammation of hair follicles and sometimes even cause an infection. Tea tree shampoo helps you unclog these follicles, helping you maintain a clean scalp, thereby reducing the chances of hair fall and promoting hair growth.  

2. Prevents dandruff 

Dandruff stems from more than one reason. Your dandruff can be a result of dry scalp, excessive oil, greasiness, itchiness, irritated skin, or fungal infection. How do you manage to keep all of these possible issues at bay while having a jam-packed schedule? A tea tree shampoo can do that for you since it contains tea tree oil as one of its main ingredients. The tea tree oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial. It is also a gentle cleanser, which means that it will clean your scalp without stripping away the natural oils. 

3. Relieves itchy scalp 

An itchy scalp is closely related to Psoriasis but can occur even without it. If your scalp is too dry or too oily, it can easily become itchy. Another reason for an itchy scalp can be dirt, grime, and built-up in your scalp. Since tea tree is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it can help you soothe the itchy scalp.

4. Treats lice

No one appreciates having lice in their hair. Lice bites irritate the scalp, making it itchy and prone to infection. They can also degrade the quality of your scalp, which may lead to hair loss. Tea trees’ insecticidal and repellent nature can effectively help you combat a lice infestation and keep them at bay. 

Can I Use Tea Tree Shampoo Every Day?

After reading about the magical benefits of the tea tree, we are positive that you want to include it in your hair care routine in the form of a shampoo. The question is, can you use a tea tree shampoo every day? The answer is yes. 

Tea tree shampoos that do not contain harsh chemicals can be used on a regular basis. It is advised to use Shampoos as frequently as your scalp needs it, but if using them every day makes your scalp feel too dry, you can use them twice or thrice a week.  However, you should monitor their impact on your scalp and hair. Some individuals are sensitive to tea tree oil or tea tree extracts. It is advisable to stop using it and contact a dermatologist if using a tea tree shampoo exacerbates your condition.

If you are looking to include a tea tree shampoo in your routine, you must consider Green Tea & Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo by WOW Skin Science. It is free of harsh chemicals like sulphates and parabens and will help you maintain healthy hair. 


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