Ensure the right supplements along with your diet & exercise!

Shahla (45) has a desk job that keeps her tied to a chair 7 to 8 hours a day. Sedentary lifestyle plus uncontrolled eating have led to weight gain that makes her feel self conscious and eats into her self esteem. What should she do?

Sameer (34) is also desperate to cut flab from around his middle that just refuses to go. Sameer is careful about his diet but he doesn’t enjoy gym workouts. Unfortunately just diet control isn’t showing the results he wishes to see. What should he do?

Like Shahla and Sameer, millions and millions are fighting the battle of bulge and not quite succeeding. Trying to shed weight can be a herculean task for the simple reason that it takes long-term commitment and discipline to show results. You can’t just diet for a month, or go jogging once in fifteen days or binge on greasy food on alternate days and still stay close to ideal weight for years. Then with every candle on your birthday cake, the metabolism slows down a bit more. Think in terms of a decade or even 5 years, the gradual metabolism slowdown can cause serious weight gain.

So what’s the answer? The answer is actually a multi-pronged approach where you target your weight loss through 3 key things:

1. The right diet
2. The right activity
3. The right dietary supplementation

    Let’s take these one by one.

    1. The Right Diet For Weight Loss

    The food you eat is actually a combination of several nutrients like proteins, carbs, fats, minerals, vitamins etc. Each of these, when digested inside the body, yields energy that we call calories. Your body spends these calories by using them for its work – walking, talking, thinking, digesting, the million biochemical reactions that occur in our body – all need energy that our food provides in form of calories. The rate at which your body converts food into energy is called metabolism.


    What happens when you eat food that will give out more calories than your body needs? Well, your body converts into it into fat and stores for future use. That’s the flab that shows up as those bulges.

    The first rule of weight loss is to limit your calorie intake so that your body is forced to convert its fat overload into calories once again. The second is to boost the metabolism so as to make the body burn more calories in a shorter time.

    Eat as per a weight loss meal plan (all WOW weight loss supporting dietary supplements come to you with custom diet plans). Scientifically created meal plans help you shed the flab, especially when combined with our next two tenets – adequate activity and dietary supplementation.

    2. The Right Activity

    Another way your body can be made to lose its fat stores faster is through upping its calorie burn, which is where exercise or physical activity steps in. Plus physical activity builds lean muscle mass which also helps lose weight.

    For activity, you can join a gym or yoga classes. Swimming, walking, jogging and cycling are also wonderful at kick starting weight loss. Download a fitness tracking app to keep a tab on your work outs.


    Create an activity regimen (along with custom meal plans, all WOW weight loss supporting dietary supplements  come packaged with a custom exercise plan too ) and reap the benefits as accelerated weight loss.

    3. The Right Dietary Supplementation

    Diet supplements help your weight loss in two ways: first, by providing safe and natural metabolism boosters; second, by filling in nutritional gaps that your body may be suffering from.

    There are many plant sourced extracts available as dietary supplements that contain bioactives clinically proven to boost metabolism and aid weight loss.

    Here are a few of these clinically proven supplements you can include in your weight loss initiatives,

    Garcinia Cambogia Extract – A sour tropical fruit, whose rind is rich in metabolism boosting Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism, promotes fat burn, helps control cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. We recommend WOW Garcinia Cambogia Extract ( with 60% HCA content) and WOW Garcinia Ultra Plus (with 85% HCA content).



    We also recommend WOW Garcinia Combo . These two supplements contain Extracts of Raspberry and Green Tea along with Garcinia Extract. Raspberries contain natural ketones and green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate – both support faster and healthier metabolism to aid weight loss.

    Green Coffee Extract – Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid (CGA), a potent antioxidant and metabolism booster compound for healthy and fast weight loss.

    We recommend WOW Green Coffee (with 50% CGAcontent).


    Apart from these metabolism boosters, you can also take body cleansing supplements that flush away toxins from your gut to minimize bloating, boost metabolism, aid digestion, and support healthy weight loss.


    We recommend WOW Body Cleanse Plus.




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