All You Need To Know: Micellar Water Vs. Makeup Remover

All You Need To Know: Micellar Water Vs. Makeup Remover

Everyone loves to sport flawless makeup, but do we all equally love to remove it as well? Let us tell you this, removing your makeup the right way is extremely important. Sleeping with makeup on or not removing it can damage your skin barrier, clog your skin pores, cause breakouts and affect the overall skin quality.

There are three products that can help to remove makeup - micellar water, makeup remover, cleansers. Out of the three, micellar water and makeup removers have become household names. Although they serve the same purpose, they have significant differences that set the two apart. Let us quickly see what these differences are. 

Micellar Water 

Micellar water is a water-based cleanser that contains micelles or surfactants. These micelles can remove oil from the skin. But here’s the catch! Micellar water has more water than micellar in it. So what kind of makeup can it remove? Micellar water is an excellent remover of minimal makeup or the dust, oil, and dirt accumulated at the end of the day. It is also ideal for the removal of water-based products. Since it is a mild cleanser, it will not irritate your skin. This is a win-win for individuals with sensitive skin.

Makeup Remover 

Although makeup removers have a liquid consistency, they are formulated using oily components. As a result, it helps remove foundation, concealer, blush, contour, etc. They are the go-to option if you want to remove waterproof and stubborn makeup products. You do not need to vigorously rub your skin to take off the makeup and damage it further. It will effortlessly melt the makeup and leave the skin clean.

Note: If you do heavy eye makeup, we suggest you get yourself a makeup remover specially formulated to remove it because the skin around the eye is delicate and sensitive.

Micellar water vs. Makeup remover: Let’s compare 

  • Micellar water is watery with fewer oil components, whereas makeup removers contain more oil components.  
  • The former is suitable for removing lightweight, minimalistic makeup, whereas the latter easily removes all kinds of makeup (waterproof and oilproof makeup) 
  • Micellar water wipes may require more rubbing and tugging on the skin to fully remove the makeup. In contrast, makeup removers only need to be lightly massaged on the skin. 

Can you use a moisturizer to remove makeup? 

The answer to this question is a straight yes. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have your makeup remover, micellar water, or a cleanser to take your makeup off, you can always use a moisturizer. Take some moisturizer and gently massage it on the face. Follow it by rinsing your face to get makeup-free, fresh skin. However, if you wear makeup every day, it is best to get yourself an ideal makeup remover. 

Micellar Makeup Remover Range by WOW Skin Science 

WOW Skin Science offers 3 micellar makeup removers to solve all your worries. The Coconut Clarifying Micellar Water is formulated using oil-in-water emulsion technology that effectively removes your waterproof makeup without drying out your skin. The Vitamin C Makeup Remover and the Green Tea Makeup Remover come with a built-in brush for easy use. While Vitamin C will even your skin texture by removing dead cells, green tea will revive your tired skin. And the best part about them? They are all free from harsh chemicals and suitable for all skin types! So get your skin the natural goodness it deserves, glow even after removing makeup & Be WOW, Naturally

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