Essential Tips for Good hair

Healthy lustrous hair has always been taken as a sign of beauty. You cannot expect to look your best with your hair limping away lifelessly on your shoulders. But while you might want to carry them around in style and be confident in how they are so well taken care, it is not an easy job. There are so many things that you would have to keep in consideration here. Let us take a look at some of the tips that will help you get your hair care game on all day every day.

1.    Comb gently

While losing at least 100 to 150 hair a day is considered normal, you still need to take all the precautions that you can to prevent hair fall. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair when they are still wet. But make sure to be very gentle and careful with your movement as wet hair is very fragile and tend to break off easily. Always start from the bottom and then move towards the top when detangling your hair.

2.    Trim away the ends

Long hair is of no use if they have split ends that make them look rough and dead. Getting your hair trimmed once every three weeks will help them grow faster and will keep away the split ends.

3.    Condition well

Hair like our skin needs their moisture and nutrients to stay healthy. To keep the hair manageable and smooth, you need to condition them after every wash. Take a good amount of moisture on your palms and work your way down to the tips covering each strand on the go. Wash it off with water carefully to not leave any of it behind.

4.    Use cold water

No matter what temperature it is outside, always use cold water for your hair. Water with higher temperature tends to make the scalp dry and cause dandruff and hair breakage. Adjust the temperature of the water before you use it for washing your hair.

5.    Wash twice a week

You might be tempted to wash your hair every time you go out but it is not good for your hair as it takes away the vital oils from hair. Avoid excessive washing and only wash your hair with a shampoo with mild chemicals twice or thrice a week.

6.    Don’t go ruthless with the towel

We all are in the habit of going weary when it comes to drying our hair with the towel. Excessive rubbing can not only cause split ends but also damage the hair. Instead of a towel, it is suggested to use an old t-shirt for drying your hair after every wash. In case you can’t find one that then uses the towel very gently and avoids excessive rubbing.

Without even realizing, there are so many mistakes we are making while taking care of our hair.These were just some of the many ways through which you have the hair that you desire and that too very effortlessly.

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