5 Skincare Resolutions for the New Year

5 Skincare Resolutions for the New Year

Vern Mclellan once said, “What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.”  The new year calls for new resolutions or the same ones again (if you failed). Though hitting the gym, dedicating time to your hobby, or eating clean tops the resolution list, skincare routines are quintessential too. 

Here’s a list of 5 skincare resolutions for the new year that will help you achieve your dream skin! 

1. I shall always sleep with a clean face 

Sleeping with a face full of makeup, dirt, and oil should officially be declared a sin now. All of us want healthy-looking skin but do we all work towards it? You know the truth. 

Small things make a huge difference, and sleeping with clean skin is one. Without proper cleansing, you will not be able to apply your moisturizer, night cream , serum, and so on. Besides, even if you apply them without cleaning, they are as good as nothing. Sleeping with a clean face promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Using skincare products over clean bare skin makes them more effective because your skin absorbs them better. Undoubtedly, a cleansing ritual before bedtime is like a small investment with huge returns. 

2. I shall religiously follow the three-step skincare routine 

Yes, the 10 steps Korean beauty ritual and the glass skincare routine are fancy and attractive. However, it is worth nothing if you do not get the basics right. Every skincare routine includes the basics of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. These are pretty much the cornerstones of your beauty regime.

Ensure that you cleanse twice every day. Exfoliate twice every week to remove the accumulated dead, damaged cells and excess oil and to improve your skin texture & tone. And lastly, don’t forget the moisturizer, your skin’s BFF. Regular application will help your skin retain moisture, stay hydrated, maintain its elasticity and fight the signs of ageing. 

3. I will not step out without an SPF

 As much as you might love soaking the warm rays of the sun, especially in winters, you should always apply sunscreen with SPF30 or above before stepping out on all 365 days. It will prevent tanning, discolouration, breakouts, and inflammation due to prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. 

4. I will choose my products wisely

 Not every product suits every skin type. We are all unique, and so is our skin. A product designed for dry skin may aggravate acne or some other skin issue if applied to oily or acne-prone skin. Hence, it is crucial to know your skin type and choose the products accordingly. Labels of most products mention the suitable skin type, so check for that.

5. I will remember that less is more

Your skin is delicate and so treat it gently. Applying a range of products that don’t go well together can harm and damage your skin barrier. Some combinations that you must avoid are benzoyl peroxide+retinoids, retinoids+Vitamin C, and salicylic acid+retinoids. Stick to the basics and if you want to introduce a new product, do it gradually. 

Resolutions by WOW Skin Science 

Want to know what’s on our resolution list? We intend to do what’s best for you. That’s all. We shall strive to provide you with the best products infused with the goodness of mother nature to address all your beauty and health needs. And meanwhile, you may want to add another resolution to your list: I will only choose natural products for my skin & Be WOW, Naturally

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