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Those who think a shower or a bath is just ‘get wet, get lathered, wash off, and towel dry’, haven’t enjoyed pleasures of a luxurious and fragrant body wash.

Trust us, bar soap with its harsh chemicals and boring bathing experience is passé. Body washes with their gentle-on-skin cleansing, rich moisturizing goodness and luxurious pampering topped with absolutely marvelous fragrances are so much better at giving you a great time – almost like being in a spa – right in your own bathroom.

Here are 4 ways in which fragrant body washes make your bath time ultra special.

1. Fragrance, fragrance, fragrance!

Everyone loves to smell good, that’s why perfumes sell so much and so well! Body Washes too come packed with some amazing and exotic fragrances. Pour a little on your loofah or bath sponge in shower, or stir some into your bath tub for bubbly times, and you are ready to be enveloped in loads and loads of fragrant lather that makes you feel like a star!

Trust us, with a body wash in tow, your bathroom will feel like an exotic spa.

WOW offers an amazing range of bath gel with awesome fragrances. WOW Blood Orange & Black Pepper Foaming Body Wash has a naughty spicy-tangy scent, WOW Vanilla & Bergamot Foaming Body Wash has a seductive sweet-citrusy scent. WOW Lemon & Pine Foaming Body Wash has a tangy-warm holiday scent. WOW Grapefruit & Aloe Foaming Body Wash is sinfully citrusy through and through.

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2. Skin that feels soft, smooth, silky, supple

Ever noticed how dry and stretchy your skin feels after bathing with soap? Well, try our premium Body Washes and you will notice the difference straightaway. Body Washes leave the skin so soft and silken. The reason is simple. Soaps have higher pH levels and usually have sulphates for lathering action. Soapy lather cleanses the skin of dirt but it also leaches away skin’s protective oils leaving it dry and dull.

Good quality Body Washes are not only free of sulphates, these also have lower, more skin-friendly pH levels. Plus, premium Body Washes have botanical oils and butters (not mineral oils distilled from petroleum) for intensive moisturizing and hydrating action. So when you use a good quality Body Wash, the gentle lather cleanses away all the dirt and sweat, while moisturizing agents spread over your skin to keep it hydrated and nourished. By the way, this intense moisturization is also a great way to delay signs of aging.

WOW Foaming Body Washes are totally free of sulphates, parabens and mineral oils. These have been enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera Extract for intensive skin moisturization action.


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3. Mood boosting & de-stressing aroma-therapeutic experience

Everyone knows that an appealing, enticing fragrance is a great mood booster. If this fragrance is natural –created by using pure and therapeutic grade plant essential oils – it also busts stress and restores mood and health.

WOW Body Washes are totally free of synthetic fragrances. Instead these get their exotic fragrances from 100% natural and therapeutic grade essential oils and plant extracts.

WOW Blood Orange & Black Pepper Foaming Body Wash, WOW Vanilla & Bergamot Foaming Body Wash, WOW Lemon & Pine Foaming Body Wash and WOW Grapefruit & Aloe Body Foaming Wash are all infused with essential oils and plant extracts to give you a pampering, de-stressing and mood boosting spa-like experience in every bath.

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4. Hygienically yours

Soaps are generally shared and that means intimate contact with more than just one person. Not very hygienic, you will agree. Plus soaps lie exposed in soap dishes gathering dirt, bacteria. Then there are those ugly stubs that are invariably left behind from old soaps that no one wishes to use.

With a Body Wash, these issues disappear. Body Washes come in pump jars. Take out only as much as you need and get it fresh and untouched every single time. The remaining Body Wash stays safe and unexposed in the bottle – so no contamination, no dirt gathering. Then you can use it to the last precious drop – no more ugly soap stubs leftover in the soap dish.

Come on, move up to a luxurious bathing experience with premium Body Washes like the WOW range that’s so pampering, so enjoyable, so good that you will never go back to soaps.

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