Are Plant-Based Protein Powders Safe?

Are Plant-Based Protein Powders Safe?

Plant-Based Protein Powder is a supplement created using protein extracted from plants. The supplement is usually made from brown rice, peas, soy, and hemp. Protein powder is mainly added to smoothies or shakes to increase protein intake. It’s naturally vegan and hypoallergenic; hence, an excellent fit for almost any diet and healthcare routine.

Moreover, Plant-Based Protein Powder is a good source of protein for muscle growth, weight loss, and prevention from heart problems. Being gluten-free and dairy-free, it blends easily with water and has a comparatively less chalky texture. It does not cause any bloating or discomfort. 

In this blog, you will learn about the major benefits of Plant-Based Protein Powders and the correct dosage for best results.

Benefits of plant-based protein powders

Plant-Based Protein Powders are good for muscle growth and also have additional health benefits. The major ones are as follows:

1. Helps in building muscles 

Plant-Based Protein Powders are equally helpful in building muscle mass as regular dairy-based protein powders. However, this powder can only be beneficial when paired with proper exercise and training. 

2. Protects the heart

Plant-Based Protein Powders contain very little saturated fat and abundant fibre. When consumed regularly, it can help in reducing cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, preventing major heart diseases. 

3. Helps in maintaining digestive balance

Plant-Based Protein Powder is said to be beneficial in maintaining a digestive balance as they contain the right amount of fibres. It is also helpful in normalizing bowel movement and reducing the risk of gut inflammation. 

4. Sugar level maintenance

Plant-Based Protein Powders are rich in fibre which helps in decreasing insulin resistance and improving glycemic control. Thus, it is beneficial for people with diabetes to maintain a healthy glucose level and natural energy in the body.

5. Keeps your tummy full

In comparison to dairy-based protein powders, Plant-Based Protein Powders keep your tummy full for a longer duration of time, ultimately resulting in less calorie intake and gradual weight loss. Plus, there are no major side effects.

How much Plant-Based Protein Powder to consume at a time?

It is advised to use protein powder only to cover the unmet protein needs and not as a replacement to whole foods. Moreover, it is safe to consume up to 20 to 30 grams per day and do not pose any harm to the liver, bones, kidneys, or overall health. However, it is vital to check for the ingredients, elements, added flavours, etc., before taking any Plant-Based Protein Powder. 

Plant-Based Protein Powder by WOW Life Science

Try out the WOW Life Science Plant-Based Protein Powder, formulated from Brown Rice and Pea proteins. It consists of all the essential amino acids that the body cannot naturally produce. Available in a chocolate flavour, this powder is tasty and easy to consume. 

Regular consumption of WOW Life Science Plant-Based Protein Powder can help to enhance muscle growth and overall fitness when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the powder is vegetarian and gluten-free, which helps support a healthy weight and improves digestion for an active and positive lifestyle.

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