The Science Behind How Onion Hair Oil Helps

Have you ever wondered how to grow healthy hair? One of the best ways is by using onion oil. Onion hair oil helps your scalp and follicles to produce new, shiny, strong hairs that are long and voluminous. It also contains sulfur which penetrates deep into the roots to prevent dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis, and other scalp conditions. Onions have been used for centuries in many cultures around the world as a beauty treatment for their healing properties on skin as well as hair growth benefits. The natural ingredients work together with essential oils like lavender and coconut oil to create an all-natural way of achieving beautiful locks without any harsh chemicals or fragrant smells!

What is Onion Hair Oil ?

Onion hair oil is a home remedy made from onions and olive oil to provide healthy-looking locks. The preparation and use of onion-based oils dates back to the ancient Egyptians when they used onion in their oils, as well as loaves of bread that were soaked with onion water before being dried out again. In India, there are different ways to extract the essential oils from onions, which is then mixed with vegetable or coconut oil, but many holistic experts will say that you don't need them because all you need is raw fresh chopped onions without any kind of processing.


Benefits Of Using Onion Hair Oil

  • Improves hair strength and growth
  • Repairs split ends and dry scalp
  • Moisturizes, nourishes, condition your hair sebaceous glands that to promote healthy skin in the scalp
  • Protects against seasonal damage
  • Prevents breakage by smoothing out your cuticle layer

How To Use Onion Hair Oil

Onion Hair Oil can be used on dry or wet hair, as well as scalp massages. For best results, apply the onion oil to directly to your scalp then massage the entire length of your hair from roots to ends (avoiding contact with any sensitive skin).

Apply a leave-in conditioner or styled product if desired. You can also add 2 drops of WOW Skin Science coconut oil and use that in place of shampoo for an exfoliating natural deep conditioning treatment.

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